Are You Ready To Enter The Lionsgate Opening On August 8th? THIS Is What You Need To Know

As we slowly begin to ease our way out of the month of the Leo, there is an extreme astronomical event about to take place as we all are about to pass through what is often referred to as the Lion's Gate.

This occurs every single year when the dates of 8/8 roll around and thus begins the proud expedition that the famous zodiac, Leo, will demonstrate what it means to be courageous, proud, and balanced with the world around you.

This astronomical phenomena is one of the rarest times of year that we are able to access a greater power within ourselves that flourishes once we have allowed ourselves to pass through the Lion's Gate.

Since Leo is directly connected with the Sun, the star will only empower our deeper hidden powers of confidence, love, and natural leadership that we are able to summon without any effort whatsoever.

It is also important that you focus on the emotions that you are feeling at this exact moment in time.

The reason behind this is because if you do not have a certain balance established within yourself before you pass through the Lion's Gate, then you could amplify any potential negative emotions that you may have absentmindedly let take over your every thought.

You will want to make sure that you are at some kind of peace with yourself as well as with your loved ones.

This is a time for all of us to realize our true potential in the world as we are all about to experience a great shift within the universe, ourselves, and our entire world.

So, what else can you do in order to prepare for this amazing event? You can spend the rest of your days until the astronomical event meditating deeply to figure out what you are feeling the most as of this moment.

You can then take the necessary steps to achieving your own mental balance with any negative emotions that you are pondering or experiencing.

A good way to do this is to express those feelings with art, music, any possible way that is going to allow for you to shake them all out before passing through the Lion's Gate.

Some other good things to do in preparation for this event is to bring yourself closer to your friends and family if you haven't already. Spend as much possible time with as you can, make sure that they are happy as well as yourself.

Spread love as best you can to those around you that you have never met before, go places that you've never seen, and never stop seeing the goodness in all living beings.

We need to ramp up these positive emotions before we pass through the Lion's Gate simply because we all must feel the raw power of what it means to be fierce, courageous, determined, and ready for whatever else comes our way.

The world is in quite a bit of a rut with a lot of negative people, so please try to do your very best to make sure that everyone is at least somewhat happy before 8/8. Another quick reminder; Don't forget to have fun!


18 Things That Are An Instant Turn Off Even If You’re Highly Attractive

Do you meet someone nice at a party or get together, but they turn down an invite for coffee? Do you have problems getting beyond a first date or get dropped after a week or two?

If you're getting ghosted before you even get something started, you might be guilty of one (or more) of these instant turn-offs, even if you're fit, well-dressed, and very attractive.

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1 – Are you inattentive or distracted?

A potential romantic partner wants to know that you're important to them. When you look around the room, half-listen to the conversation, or keep checking your phone, you're sending out the wrong signal.

2 – Do you mock other's passions?

Everyone has a “thing" they're into whether it's bowling, reality TV, kale, or Star Trek. You might not understand it, but if you mock their passion, it's an instant turn off and shows you're incompatible.

3 – Do you check out the eye candy?

It's bad enough if you're constantly checking your IG, but even worse if you're openly scoping out a hot guy or girl that turns your head.

4 – Are you closed off emotionally?

It's not a good idea to unpack your emotional baggage the moment you meet someone, but if you can't open up at all, that's a problem too.

5 – Are you a poor sport?

One round of pool at the local dive bar and a potential mate might scratch and run if you rage when you lose or thump your chest and brag when you win.

6 – Do you have fits of jealousy?

Being wanted is a nice feeling, but if you get possessive and see everyone as a threat, that can get old fast.

7 - Are you a pessimist?

If every conversation is about how much you don't like something, how it annoys you, or you constantly criticize, you're a pessimist. That can send a prospect scurrying away instantly.

8 – Are you a backstabber?

Trustworthiness is a top trait that attracts people, but if you're one that can't wait until someone leaves the room to unload trash talk them, it's no surprise you're not getting anyone's digits.

9 – Is materialism your thing?

It's nice to have nice things, but if that's all that matters to you or you judge people by their possessions, you might find yourself judged a poor potential partner.

10 – Do you have low self-worth?

It's nice to be humble (even if you're awesome), but if your sense of self-worth is so low that it's driving negative behaviors, you might come off as too much trouble.

11 – Do you belittle potential dates?

Are you sarcastic? Do you hand out burns or make jokes at other's expense? If so, you might be getting brushed off with good reason.

12 – Are you a poor conversationalist?

Relationships start with a chat. If you can't hold a meaningful conversation on subjects of mutual interest, your looks won't be enough to hold their interest.

13 – Are you argumentative?

If bickering gives you a thrill or you must always get your way, no doubt you're turning off people that you'd like to be dating.

14 – Do you lack ambition?

You don't need to unroll a road map of your five-year plan, but if you don't have life goals and ambitions (maybe even a bucket list), you might come off as immature.

15 – Must you be the center of attention?

The spotlight is great for an actor, but don't expect a girl or guy you want to stick around if it's always about you. When every sentence starts with “I," then you have a problem.

16 – Are you disrespectful?

To be a good prospect as a love interest, the object of your affection must trust you to interact with their friends, family, and co-workers in a way that won't embarrass them.

17 – Are you a stage-five clinger?

Everyone needs a little space, and if you can't leave a little breathing room for a potential partner to hang out with friends or have a cocktail after work, you're going to chase them away.

18 – Do you issue ultimatums?

No one wants to hear “or else." If you always make threats to get your way, it's an instant turn off.

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