12 of The Rarest and Weirdest Diseases Know to Mankind

Disease is something that has evolved right alongside man over the years. Today, we see the culmination of many of them in some of the strangest manifestations of disease anyone has ever seen before.

Some of them disfigure people greatly, others cause incredible pain, and some are simply aesthetic. As the world's population continues to grow, we will undoubtedly continue to see new ones emerge.

Here are twelve of the strangest, most bizarre diseases seen today:

Exploding Head Syndrome

While this disease sounds like your head is literally going to explode, it's bad, but not in that way.

People with this disease start hearing gunshots, bombs, and any other extremely loud noises as soon as they lay down to rest.

Physically, it is not painful. But, it causes severe sleep deprivation that has incredibly harmful side effects.

Flesh-Eating Diseases

These types of diseases are exactly like they sound: absolutely terrible. They navigate to the deepest layers of the skin and begin to kill tissue from the inside out.

This leads to the rotting and decay of the infected areas. Typically, we see discolored, blistered skin with fluids leaking out of it.

The only way to get rid of these diseases is through surgery, and about 73% of people who get them will die if left untreated.


Relationship Deal Breakers Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Face it, many of us have real high standards in our daily life and it's pretty much agreeable for all of us that we end up with a partner that suits us just right.

As it turns out, our zodiac signs can determine a lot about our dating life, and our relationship deal breakers.


You're self-assured and a goal-oriented person and need to be surrounded by people with similar traits. If you're not quite so driven, you're likely not an ideal match for Aries.


You're steady and cautious and dislike disorder or feeling like you're being rushed. Dating someone who likes to jump into things with both feet and throw caution to the wind won't be ideal for you.


Discover Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Perfect Partner


Aquarius gets bored easily. They need mental stimulation. They're the humanitarian sign. They need someone who can challenge them mentally. Their best companions are Gemini and Libra.


Pisces are creative and gentle souls. They're passionate, intuitive, approachable and friendly people. They want that deep spiritual and emotional connection. Their best partners are Cancer and Scorpio.


Aries is a fiery one. They take life by the horns. They love a good challenge and are determined, confident people. They need someone with equal passion. Leo and Sagittarius make good partners.


This Is What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals About The Way You Fall In Love


Aries is a natural born leader and you like to be in control in your relationships. When it comes to love, you tend to be logical, but try not to get too clinical. A love like yours is a warm, bright one.


Taurus also likes to be in control, but your weakness is pleasure. When you have chemistry, it's incredibly passionate and hot. You fall fast. You're a sensual person who goes with the flow once you're in love.


Gemini is a ton of fun to be around. They're passionate, hopeless romantics. They don't like to be alone, so when they fall in love, they tend to fall very hard. They may come off as needy, but they just love you.


What Does Your Birth Month Reveal About Your Life?


People born in January are hard workers with strong opinions and you're not afraid to let people know what you think. They tend to be stubborn and don't enjoy being managed.

They tend to be good leaders, given their persistent drive to succeed.They have trouble listening to directions.

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What Rare Information Does Your Zodiac Sign Reveal About Your Personality?


Aries is a tough son of a gun. You've got big goals and big dreams, and you're not going to settle for less than 100%. You tend to leap headfirst into everything you do. You may come across as bossy and combative when not careful.


Taurus is a natural born leader. Your work ethic is unmatched. While you're strong, your emotions have too much control over you. Don't let your hard work and emotions consume you. Build barriers between private and professional life.


This Is How Your Zodiac Sign Influences Your Intimate Relationships


Aries likes to come first. That shouldn't be a surprise. They're even first in this list! They're great leaders and are often incredibly impulsive and have a tendency to focus on themselves more.

Your greatest hindrance in an intimate relationship is giving a little bit of slack to your partner.


Taurus is stubborn and enjoys the finer things in life. They can be relaxed one moment and incredibly aggravated emotionally the next. They often pass up on new chances due to feeling limited.

You're loyal, but try to keep yourself emotionally stable.


Gemini is intense and yet playful. That intensity is the dark twin to Gemini's light self.

They're difficult to keep up with and have trouble communicating. You have trouble finding connections, but when you do, don't let your dark twin call the shots.


Cancer is a crabby one, often being moody and oversensitive about themselves.

They are very altruistic people but tend to be difficult in relationships. Find ways to express yourself fully, and don't be afraid to show your soft underbelly.


Leo is a ferocious person and has little patience for bullshit.

They're proud of who they are and who they choose. They aren't good at give and take in a relationship. Be sure you're allowing some wiggle room for compromise in your relationship.


These 2016 Horoscopes Are So Accurate It's Scary!


2016 is the year for Aries to take control of their image. Of course, plan for this to take a lot of effort. Your image could be the way you physically look or the way people perceive you as a person.

Respect physical limits, don't hurt yourself, and keep your chin up. This is a positive change!


2016 will be a big year for changes for Taurus. This is a great year to reinvent yourself, the way you live, and what it is that you do. Even if you don't opt to change anything, it'll likely happen anyway.

Do things at your own pace, feel no pressure, and remember that people love you.


Gemini should see 2016 as the year they rise. Keep a constant effort at doing your best and never back down. Keep your eye on the prize and stay focused at all times.

Remember to live peacefully at home and do good things for the world. Major changes will likely come in Autumn.


Be prepared to charm the pants off people in 2016, Cancer. This is going to be a great year for making friends, reconnecting with people in meaningful ways, and maybe finding the love of your life!

Stay on top of your responsibilities and try not to become too hedonistic and egotistical.


Your Birthstone Can Reveal Surprisingly Accurate Information About Your Life

When one is doing a bit of soul searching and trying to understand who they are on a deeper level, many folks turn to astrology and other spiritual realms.

But what a lot of people don't know is that our birthstones also have a lot to say about who we are and what we're capable of. Birthstone is connected to a specific month, and you can find out what your says about you below!

If life is starting to get rough, look to your birthstone for guidance about who you really are and what your destiny has in store for the future!

January - Garnet

People born in January enjoy working hard because they've set the bar high for themselves.

They're also incredibly loyal, social and sensitive, and enjoy getting to teach others or be taught by others.

February - Amethyst

Born in February, people bearing amethyst stones are intelligent and creative beings.

While they are typically quiet and humble, they also tend to be somewhat adventurous and incredibly stubborn.

They enjoy having the freedom to pursue their dreams.

This Is What It's Like To Be In Love For Each Zodiac Sign

Love is one of the most fickle emotions that any of us could ever have the pleasure of indulging in with another human being. We find ourselves acting in very different ways we never thought possible until meeting this other person for the first time.

The more you spend time with them the more you begin to realize how different your life will truly be after falling in love and staying in love.

The things that we do for love are endless, it's a universal feeling that all of us are able to share, and being in love with someone who supports everything there is about you is something that not all of us are able to obtain.

Love takes time to grow and to bloom into it's fullest potential.

Did you know that each Zodiac sign has their own different ways of demonstrating love? You should check to see how accurate your Zodiac signs portrayal of love really is compared to your own.

1. Capricorn's And Love (Dec. 22nd - Jan. 19th)

Capricorn's are always trying to figure out the best way to obtain love. Sometimes they feel as if the relationship they are in at the time is entirely dependent on them in order to make things work out the way they should.

It can be a little overwhelming because you wouldn't mind the help in making things work but it's also hard for you to want to shed any of that weight onto others. Do not hesitate to be vulnerable, your partner will be by your side no matter what happens.

2. Aquarius's And Love (Jan. 20th - Feb. 18th)

For an Aquarius, love tends to find them without even trying. Going about their daily lives and living the way that they see fit, they often forget about that it's important to express your feelings to the people they love most.

Whenever an Aquarius finds love, they can't help but feel butterflies deep within, a little nauseous and slightly woozy just thinking about the other person. It's new every time that it happens and it definitely takes them some practice in getting use to the new relationship.

3. Pisces And Love (Feb. 19th - March 20th)

Pisces are usually the easiest ones to fall in love the quickest. Wearing their heart on their sleeves, a Pisces is able to find love easily just by them relentlessly caring about everyone around them. However, it's a completely different story when they find someone they want to fall in love with.

Their time, money, and attention is spent entirely on the person they have their eyes fixated on. If the other person is on the same level as they are, you better expect to see fireworks in the sky.

4. Aries And Love (March 21st - April 19th)

Aries are some of the more adventurous types of people that are not scared to go out and claim what is rightfully theirs. Regardless if the other person they have their eyes on is completely unaware of how badly an Aries wants them, they will definitely make the first move without hesitation.

Probably one of the most extreme lovers that a person could have in their life, an Aries proves to be an excellent partner in any kind of relationship. Of course, they really have to want you in order to do anything for you at all.


This Short Mind Game Will Determine What Type Of Soul You Have

As each of us begin to take the first steps that will shape our lives, we unknowingly pick a certain role to fulfill. The role that we choose influences who we become, our strengths and weaknesses, and our behaviors and attitudes towards other people.

This role is often described as a type of 'soul.' There are seven different roles you can possibly take on: Priest, Server, Artisan, Warrior, King, Sage and Scholar.

First you need to take THIS QUIZ to find out which soul type you are, and then read on to learn more about your role!

The characteristics of each type of soul

Now that you know which type of soul you are, let's learn more about it!


As a server, you're a natural caretaker. You seek to make the world better by doing everything in your power to rid people of their suffering or to help those who are in need.

Always willing to lend a hand, servers oftentimes end up being used by others because of how generous they can be. Don't let yourself become overwhelmed by trying to fix everyone's problems.

About 30 percent of the population plays the role of server.


The artisan is a creative individual who is adept at expressing all of the abstract thoughts they ponder up. Artisans are responsible for all of the cool gadgets, stunning pieces of art, and advancements in technology we see in society. They enjoy being original and productive.

About 22 percent of the population is made up of artisans, such as artists, engineers, architects, mechanics, etc.


The warrior is an active type that loves overcoming challenges to achieve their goals and dreams. They enjoy getting rewarded for hard work and can be kept in line through types of punishment.

They're notorious for their short fuses and blunt attitude, which often makes others see them as intimidating.

About 17 percent of the population is comprised of warriors. These are our athletes, soldiers, salesmen, etc.


The scholar is one who enjoys accruing as much knowledge as possible. They've got naturally curious tendencies and never struggle in the world of academia.

These people are usually easygoing in nature, but are also very methodical and adventurous in their pursuit of knowledge. Sometimes they come off as arrogant or too analytic.

Scholars live comfortably in careers involving science, math and research, and make up about 13 percent of our population.


Sages are people who enjoy keeping others entertained, and it's easy for them to do so because they're naturally charming people whose charisma entices almost everyone.

These folks like expressing themselves publicly through their art, music and dance. Sages can be arrogant at times when they don't receive enough attention, which also lends to their dramatic tendencies in social circles.

These friendly, fun-loving folks make up about 10 percent of the population.


Priests are individuals who raise people up. They enjoy being the motivator; the person who channels the inner strengths in others to help them succeed. These folks are good at inspiring others because they easily recognize the endless potential that people have.

Caring and compassionate, priests make up about 7 percent of the population.


The kings of our world are our natural born leaders. They're assertive and commanding, making sure things get done in a timely and near-perfect manner.

They enjoy finding solutions to problems, but their drive for perfection can lead them to be controlling, overbearing, and merciless at times.

Around 13 percent of our population is comprised of kings. They are often found in positions in government and politics, and at the higher echelons of bureaucratic hierarchies.


Astrological Shift: NASA Just Updated The Zodiac Signs For The First Time In Over 2,000

The cause and effect for this major shift is due to the Earth wobbling in a new path thanks to the sun and moon creating this new effect on our planet as well as the way we are able to read the stars.

Essentially, each individual constellation is off by about about a months worth of time. This means that the old Zodiac sign that you use to identify with has suddenly changed to something else!

That's right, approximately 86% of people are now in a new constellation giving them a new Zodiac sign all together.

Before we give you the updated list of the new Zodiac months and dates, we want to present the 13th sign that is known as Ophiuchus.


Each Zodiac Sign Is Associated With A Different Sin. Which Sin Are You?

Sin is very easy to commit to, especially since it's almost everywhere you look. There is hardly anyone out in this world who hasn't sinned before, and there is a pretty good reason why.

Our Zodiac signs play a key role in our lives when it comes to indulging in being a little bit sinful, or extremely sinful, depending on who you are.

Sometimes our Zodiac signs induce sin into our everyday lives, making it a habit that we are not so easily able to break away from.

It's important that we are able to identify these certain kinds of elements within ourselves, especially when it comes to being sinful.

Sure, sinning can be a lot of fun, but there is also such a thing as moderation. So, how are you going to tame the sin that your Zodiac likes to follow most?

Sagittarius + Adultery

Sagittarius are often prone to being some of the most devious flirts. Sex is a lot of fun for a Sagittarius, but this means that it can be very hard for them to keep a committed relationship going for long.

Even while they are with someone they love, they let their eyes wander from the potential heat they could get themselves into. It's hard not to be a tease; but it's also hard not to find a good lay. Forever wandering from person to person.

Pisces + Sloth

A Pisces can appear to be a person who loves to hold their head in the clouds a little too much. Sometimes they can even seem like they are only existing in their own little world compared to the rest of us.

Always daydreaming the time away, thinking of what could be or what is yet to be, you let people pass you by as you continue to move at the same slow pace you always have. This makes you extremely lazy when it comes to living in the present moment.

Gemini + Dishonesty

Gemini have a horrible habit of mixing up their stories whenever it comes to telling the whole truth about something. Maybe it's because your zodiac depicts you having two different faces, and perhaps they just happen to have different views about the same story.

Either way, you love to lie about petty things, as well as important things, especially if it doesn't involve you the way you want it too. So, what better way to sabotage everything? Lie about it.

Aquarius + Self-Proclaimed God

Aquarius like to believe that they are way more special than everyone else is because this is just how god made them out to be. Always boasting about how you have way more wisdom in your little pinky finger than anyone else does in their entire body.

Giving those around you new perspectives and insights makes you feel something deep inside. However, a majority of the time you couldn't be farther from the truth than you already are.



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