6 Signs You're Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening

There has been an interesting shift in the world that has everyone feeling a similar way. It's almost as if a great force of nature has lifted a guise that has been blinding all of humanity for centuries until now.

People were born into this world to believe that they are meant only to serve those above them in higher places compared to their own.

This is no longer the case in the world, although we still have a major role to play, it is time we recognize our fullest potential and claim what is rightfully ours as spiritual human beings.

1. Extreme Dreams Lately

If you have begun to experience insane, vivid dreams that you don't quite understand but feel a sense of peace from them, this could be a big indication you're experiencing a spiritual awakening. These dreams could be signs that you are finding a profound insight into the world around you, seeming complicated but meaningful at the same time. Explore the meaning of these vivid dreams; allow yourself to become enlightened from the things you never knew before.

2. New Spark For Living

If you've suddenly felt a new fire igniting inside you just for a new way of living, then this means you are ready for a spiritual awakening. Once you have claimed your passion for life and feel the need to do everything in your power to help, not only for yourself but the rest of the world, then you are on the path for much greater things. Open yourself to the possibilities of the world, realize that

you do not have to limit yourself to just one thing, and explore the world for all it holds that can teach you how to become a better person.

3. No More Fear

Fear is one of the most crippling feelings that we can muster within ourselves. If you have begun to feel as if all of your fears have melted away, then you are on the right path of a spiritual awakening. The world is filled with adversity, but this does not mean you have to despair so easily. Facing your fears will teach you many things about yourself and a lot more about the others around you. Embrace this new perspective, never live in fear, and show the world just how courageous you really are.

4. The Unworthy Weed Themselves Out

Once you have felt this shift within yourself, you will begin to see the people who are unworthy of your presence weeding themselves out from your path of spiritual enlightenment. It is important that you know it is okay for these people to fall from your radar. There will be new people who share the same views, beliefs, and joys in life as you do. Even if you feel scared of losing some of those people, just remember that you must keep moving forward and not dwell on the past.

5. Sudden Urge To Meditate

Once you have begun to feel the major shift in yourself, you may also begin to feel the urge to start meditating. Meditation is a very useful practice for one to contemplate their emotions, drown out all the surrounding noise, looking inward and reflecting on our personal lives as to how we can better ourselves as well as the entire world. It is important for us to meditate as often as we can so that we can achieve a balance within ourselves to be happy human beings.

6. An Overwhelming Sensation Of Love

There will be an extreme burst of self-love and love for the world around you once you have begun to feel this spiritual awakening within yourself. You will begin to see the world in all of it's beauty, not only in people, but nature itself. A good way to express or explore these new feelings of love is by going for a hike, spending time in nature with your friends, going to a natural body of water, or just making people smile in general. Love is a very powerful feeling that you can give to just about anyone!

If you have experienced one or all of these things, then you are on the right path to a spiritual awakening within yourself. Never stop creating your world in your image.


8 Signs You're A Strong Woman Who Stands Out From Everyone Else

Through all the crazy fights and scars, there are some women who are survivors. They stand out from the crowd. Simple women with a heartbreaking smile. They are a source of inspiration that everyone admires. The definition of a strong woman.

Here are eight identifying characteristics of a strong women that stands out from everyone else!

1. Strong Women Have Faith In Themselves

A strong woman knows who she is and what she wants. She has her own set of dreams and won't let anyone hold her back from achieving her goals. Nothing can stop her.

She doesn't need support from anyone. She also has no need to seek approval from anyone. Strong women make their own decisions with confidence and aren't afraid to stand by their choices.

2. Strong Women Seek Respect, Not Attention

You'll never see a strong woman begging for attention. She will never be interested in begging for love either. When a strong woman feels unwanted, she simply leaves the situation.

Respect is far more valuable than attention. It lasts much longer than 15 minutes of fame. Respect is one of the essential keys to success.

Strong women don't have time for toxic relationships where she becomes unappreciated. Absence is her gift to those who don't understand what it means to be in her presence.

3. Strong Women Wear Their Pain Like Armor

A strong woman will always regain her confidence after hardship and depression. She deals with her problems with ease. She doesn't consider herself a victim to the world. She sees her struggles as a chance to learn.

Strong women wear their pain like armor: It's not easy. It's heavy. However, she learns from it and it protects her.

4. Strong Women Lift People Up

Strong women radiate with positivity. They are always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. Strong women will stand by your side through heaven and hell.

She will always be there for you. A strong woman is a great listen and willing to offer support through life's challenges. She knows how to cut to your core and can see the good in your soul.

5. Strong Women Never Compare Themselves To Others

Strong women know their limits and abilities. They know they are worthy of respect. Strong women have no need to compare themselves to others.

No one is perfect and a strong woman is well aware of that. However, she also knows that everyone has their own unique gift. She loves to support others.

6. A Strong Woman Isn't Afraid To Cry

She knows that being vulnerable is actually a sign of strength. She knows she is strong enough to pick herself up off the floor. She's ready to heal.

A strong woman never gives up, she always has a reason to continue to fight.

7. Strong Women Are Full Of Forgiveness, Not Revenge

A strong woman wants to free her mind from the prison of negative energy. She wants to find ways to express her love.

An eye for an eye is not the way a strong woman chooses to do things. She moves on, but never forgets what was done to her.

8. A Strong Woman Will Always Tell You The Truth, No Matter How Hard It Is

Often times, telling the truth can be a huge risk and can end up hurting someone. However, strong women believe telling the truth is essential. They know it is a rare thing.

Strong women are brave and have a heart filled with good intentions. People look up to a strong woman. She shines like a diamond in the rough.

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