The Ultraskiff 360 is the original, first and only patented user-friendly, portable design of a round boat. This small, lightweight, durable round watercraft is the perfect platform for fishing, hunting and pleasure boating.

The Ultraskiff sets a new standard of safety, comfort, stability, versatility, transportability and fishability from a chair, casting stool or standing. They figured out a way to design a round skiff with an incline on the deck that positions your feet for optimum balance control and a lower, tighter center of gravity when sitting, standing up, leaning over, fighting a fish or getting in and out of the boat.

The Ultraskiff 360 also has a patented detachable pedestal mount for easy access through the center hole for strapping during transport or securely locking it up outside.

It is transportable by rolling the skiff like a wheel, sliding it on its side bumper or using a standard hand truck. You can fit up to 2 in a pickup truck bed or use any small boat or utility trailer. The Ultra skiff 360 is perfect for everyone from recreational boaters to serious anglers and hunters.

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