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10 Most Common Manifesting Mistakes To Avoid (And How To Fix Them)

If you're familiar with the law of attraction then you're likely aware of how powerful the tool of manifesting can be. It's meant to be a rather straightforward process where you get in vibrational harmony with what you want, visualize it, write it down, attract it and let it in. It should be easy enough, yet many of us are still pretty far from manifesting our dreams.

If you're getting frustrated with the manifesting process, you're likely making these common mistakes. But don't worry, we'll tell you how to fix them.

Starting From A Place That Isn't Gratitude

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You need to be grateful for what you already have before you can even appreciate more. Gratitude allows you to shift your mind from thinking out of scarcity to thinking out of abundance. If you already feel rich, then you can only get richer.

An easy way to start is to journal down every night three simple things you were grateful for that day. It can be your cup of coffee, your home, or that the sun shined bright. You will grow an appreciation for what you already have, and increase your vibrations.

Saying Without Feeling

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Knowing what you want and putting it out there fr the universe is a great first step, but it's not enough. You need to actually feel it and experience it so that you can act as though you already have it. This puts you in a place where you are open to receive. It shows the universe that you are ready.

To do this ask yourself how you feel as the version of yourself who already has what you want. Visualize where you are, and how it looks as if you're already there. Are you confident where you are? Embody those feelings as you carry on through the day.

Changing Your Mind

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For a manifestation to take form it needs to stay consistent. You can't manifest a boat one day and a car the next. You need to have an image already in your mind of what your manifestation looks like and to keep it long enough for it to come about.

To fix this you can make a vision board, or write the same manifestation over and over as a reminder and source of purpose.

Failing To Take Aligned Action

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Although you shouldn't worry too much about the "how" as it's limiting, people often expect things to come to them without doing any of the work. You need to understand what exactly you're asking from the universe so that you can determine your goals.

Then you need to take the steps required to achieve them so that you can align yourself with the universe and meet it halfway. Once you're in total alignment, it will take care of the rest for you.

Not Knowing What You Want

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You would be surprised at how many people are focused on instant gratification rather than taking the time to figure out what would actually make them happy on a long term. The first real step of manifesting is to not only explore what you want, but why you want it. Is it a need? Is it selfish? Will it truly better your life?

Once you determine what it is that you want most, then you can spend your energy wisely on asking for it.

Asking For Too Many Things At The Same Time

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Think of what happens when you try to multi-task. Sure, you get it all done but never to the extent of how well it could be done if you focused on it. It works the same way with the law of attraction. If you focus on too many desires at the same time, you end up dividing your attention and splitting your energy. You may only end up getting pieces of what you want, or simply feel like you're so close but they're still out of reach.

Instead learn to prioritize. Focus on what it is that you want most and don't move on from it till you receive it.

Focusing On What You Don't Want

If you think of the worst-case scenarios, the ifs, and the buts, you end up thinking in terms of lack. You take yourself to a place of fear. You might even end up manifesting your own projections and inviting in exactly what you didn't want. You need to clear your mind by eliminating words and images that don't align with your desires.

You can actually rewire your brain to believe you already have what you do want through repetition. Continue to look at your vision board, or write down your desires over and over, and you'll subconsciously trick your brain.​

Not Being Specific Enough

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You can enrich your manifestation the more that you hone in on the details. This makes it clear and tangible. For instance you can say "I want more money" and get a dollar raise or you can say " I am grateful for attracting $6900 that I can use to travel to Thailand for my honeymoon.

This gives your goal a time and place that it can actually manifest within

Not Matching Your Desires On A Vibrational Level

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Remember that like attracts like, just like misery likes company. You need to make sure you're not stuck in an environment or relationship that is dragging you down. Let go of anything or anyone that feels like it's on low vibration to you.

Instead, match the energy of what you want by surrounding yourself with the people and things that actually make you feel happy and inspired. Spend time with someone you look up to or decorate your apartment so it feels like home, until you feel at peace and uplifted by where you are.

Not Trusting The Timing

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Haven't you heard that all good things come to those who wait? The key to manifesting is patience. Trust that it will come to you when you are in the best place to receive it. Welcome the obstacles along the way as they are testing and teaching you what you need to receive it.

Some manifestations take longer than others, but just trust that if you're flexible with it coming later rather than sooner, its timing will always be just perfect.


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Living True To The Self

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"I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life other people expected of me."

From a very young age, we become conditioned to live to please and look good in the eyes of others. We prioritize the value of how others see us, over the way we see ourselves. We work tirelessly to make relationships work, to get promotions at work, to be seen, appreciated, and valued by strangers. We have created social networks that carry the sole purpose of seeing, and being seen. However, we end up setting unrealistic expectations and working towards unachievable standards.

We never feel good enough or stop to appreciate who we are and how far we've come. We never truly feel fulfilled or take the risks necessary to reach our highest selves, without worrying about how it affects everyone else, or what everyone will think of it. Sadly, at the end of the day, only we are responsible for our own happiness and achievements so what others think really doesn't matter.

Taking The Time To Watch Children Grow

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"I wish I took time to be with my children more when they were growing up."

Circumstantially, many parents struggle to juggle their responsibilities on top of their role to their children. They convince themselves that by working overtime, even missing their children's events is ultimately for their own good. But really no amount of extra money earned will ever measure up to the priceless moments we could have spent with our children.

In the blink of an eye, they go from children to adults and stop needing us. They get used to our absence. They never learn the value of family time because we didn't take the time to instill it in them. As parents, everything we do while our children grow up has the power to impact the people they become.

Revealing Feelings Without Fear

man with stickers all over his face with words like "norms' "society'" doubt"

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"I wish I had the courage to express my feelings, without the fear of being rejected or unpopular."

The fear of rejection truly holds up back from going after our heart's desires. We get caught up in all the worst-case scenarios that we fail to take the risk and possibility live the best-case scenarios. But, isn't better to take a risk and at least find out how it plays out, then always wonder about what could have happened?

The person you ask out could reject you or could be the love of your life. The promotion you ask for could be dismissed or could be your next big break. The book you've always wanted to write could be laughed at or could be the next bestseller...You'll never know until you try.

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Staying Connected With Loved Ones

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"I wish I would have stayed in touch with friends and family."

People come in and out of your life for a reason but some people are meant to stay alongside you for most of the journey if enough effort is put in to maintain and nurture those bonds. It's easy for us to get so caught up in our lives that we stop taking the time to reach out. Yet relationships are just like muscles, they need to be worked out, cared for, and nurtured.

Even the strongest bonds need to be valued. Telling someone you love that you're thinking of them can go a long way. It's an equal give and take. H uman beings are wired to crave connections with another.

Surrendered To Forgivness

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"I wish I would have forgiven someone when I had the chance."

Holding grudges is exhausting. It keeps us trapped in a cycle of resentment and frustration. It often leads us to blame and holds us back from growth. With forgiveness, on the other hand, there is freedom. We finally let go of what no longer serves us and open ourselves up to moving forward.

Forgiveness is not only for the person being forgiven but for the person offering forgiveness. It releases both parties and frees up space within them to receive new and positive beginnings. Everyone makes mistakes, we're only human, and anyone that says otherwise isn't looking at the big picture.

Expressed To People How Valuable They Are

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"I wish I would have told the people I loved the most how important they are to me."

It's incredible how much of an impact we have the power to make on one another. Think of the butterfly effect, where every little action, as small as a butterfly flapping its wings, can have enough of a reaction that could trigger a tsunami across the world.

Little gestures, as small as smiling at a stranger, holding the door open, or even just saying thank you can make or break someone's day. These gestures have even more of an impact when shared between loved ones. Let the people know around you know how much you value them, how special they are, and how big of a role they play in this world while you still can.

Tapped Into Confidence Instead Of Fear

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"I wish I would have had more confidence and tried more things, instead of being afraid of looking like a fool."

Life is all about risk. If you think about it, we're constantly living in the unknown. We have no idea what tomorrow brings We barely have control over what the next moment looks like. So much of what creates our experience is dependent on circumstances and other people.

So, at the very least, why don't we take as much control as we can over the parts that are up to us? We make all kinds of excuses for why we can't make that move, get out of a relationship or try a new career instead of actually finding out what our lives could look like. We are ultimately the sole creator of our story, so the least we could do is put more effort and take risks to write our narrative.

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Leaving A Mark On The World

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"I wish I would have done more to make an impact in this world."

You would be surprised at how easy it is to make an impact in this world. All it takes is making an impact on one single person, who in turn will do it for another and before you know we all touch each other's lives, one way or another. To make a difference, you don't have to single-handedly change the world. But, you can start small. Help where you can, don't put it off because you're too tired or it's not the right time. When you see an opportunity take it, instead of leaving it for the next person.

Don't get caught up in an unmeaningful life. Every day is a new chance to make a difference, somewhere, somehow.

Pursuing Talents And Passions

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"I wish I would have pursued my talents and gifts."

The good news is no matter how much regret you may feel near the end of your life, at the very last moment, none of it will matter anymore:

"As a hospice worker, I’ve had the honor of being with many a soul as they’ve left their bodies. At the moment of death, with those who have any power of communication, regret seems a distant 'human' concept that really no longer applies. I recall a gentleman who woke just briefly enough from days-long unconsciousness to say his own earthly name with the most beautiful mix of love, compassion, and bemusement. He spoke it as one might speak to a newborn baby or beloved pet, with zero judgment, and certainly no regret, at just the moment he passed​" - Wendora15 / Reddit​

Taken Risks Instead Of Remaining Comfortable

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"I wish I would have experienced more, instead of settling for a boring life filled with routine, mediocrity, and apathy."

Let this be your reminder to live every day fully while you can, to write off any regrets, and to take risks and watch them pay off. But, at the end of the day, appreciate what you have done, how far you've come, and the incredible person that you are,

"In my experience though, despite their regrets, many of the dying seem to get a look in their eyes right at the very end, when I think they are finally realizing the futility of struggle and surrendering to what Is. Knowing there is nothing left to do. For a moment you know they have transcended the mind and are free." - receding / Reddit

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