6 Parents Being Jerks And Called Out For Their Unacceptable Parenting

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Instead of wondering why some grown adults today behave in questionable ways, we should look at the ways that their parents raised. Often, they simply were raised by parents who normalized completely unacceptable behavior. Usually, entitlement, rudeness and impoliteness can be traced back to bad parenting.

If kids don’t grow up being taught right from wrong in a social setting, even if they learn it later on in life, it becomes very difficult to correct their already formed habits and expectations. Instead, people are taking to Reddit to expose parents being terrible models with kids still at a young age, in the hopes that those kids can be saved before it’s too late.

You Break It, You Should Buy It

toy aisle with toys everywhere

GeorgeWakenbake / Reddit

GeorgeWakenbake / Reddit

Thrift stores offer discounted prices on donated items, plus they’re a great way to recycle discarded items instead of just throwing them out. The least we can do to keep thrift stores running smoothly and benefiting one family to the next is watch our kids so they don’t destroy the toy section like this.

The worst part is that their parents saw it happen and reportedly did nothing about it.

Beauty And The Bad Parenting

kids playing behind display of beauty and the beast

theDWORF / Reddit

theDWORF / Reddit

“Lifting your kids over a guard rail so you can ignore them with your smartphone while they try to destroy a display.” We completely understand that all parents eventually need a break to recover from their children’s tantrums and attend to their phones for a second.

However, there are ways to do so, and ruining someone’s art is not. The railing around it is clearly there for a reason, it shouldn’t need to be spelled out too.

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Unattended Baby Stroller

baby stroller infront of mall stroller unattended

Ensanglante / Reddit

Ensanglante / Reddit

It’s quite puzzling why a parent would think it is okay to leave your baby in the middle of the entrance of a store and then disappear.

It should not matter how crazy of a sale H&M is having if it means it will come at the cost of possible harm to the baby. Either take the baby in with you or go home.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Woman changing her baby's dirty diaper on top of an Old Navy clothing display

downriverrowing / Reddit

downriverrowing / Reddit

This woman seems completely distraught that someone dared take a picture of her while she was changing her baby’s diaper. The irony is she probably was more upset that she was being judged for changing her baby’s dirty diaper on top of an Old Navy clothing display.

Not even considering the sanitary complications of doing this directly on u-purchased new clothing, the whole thing is disrespectful to everyone else in the store, including its employees.

It’s Not Part Of The Show

parent sits beside the band to record child

JustNtimeLV88 / Reddit

JustNtimeLV88 / Reddit

This parent practically became part of the show so she can get a close-up of her kid and be able to record. Listen it is understandable to be proud of our kids’ accomplishments and want to capture every moment of it. The thing is, what this parent is doing is selfish.

Can you imagine if every other parent did the same thing? They are just as proud of their kid, but they are also respectful enough of their kid and the other parents, to stay in their assigned seating.

That’s Just Wrong

Sir_Henk / Reddit

Sir_Henk / Reddit

Kids need to be taught that respect has no exceptions. We cannot simply respect others, and history when it’s convenient. by letting their kids climb a memorial.

They were using it as a slide and completely ignoring the sign that very clearly asked for the opposite. if kids don’t learn to respect basic things like historical monuments, they won’t understand the value of respecting bigger ones.

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