This Woman Claims To Remember Her 10 Most Recent Lives

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Some believe that through hypnosis, you can remember past incarnations of your soul. But this woman claims to be able to remember 10 previous lives.

Joey Verwey began telling her family about her previous lives at the age of 3. For being so young, her parents said her stories were bizarrely detailed. They weren’t sure that she had the ability to make up such detailed stories on her own.

One life she remembers was as a cave dwelling humanoid that lived around 200 million years ago. She says she remembers making tools in a cave out of bones and stones. This claim couldn’t possibly be right since hominids didn’t exist 200 million years ago and stone tools didn’t appear until about 3 million years ago, but that’s just one of many claims she makes.

In other lives, Joey claims to have remembered living as a slave in Egypt, meeting Saint Peter himself, and living in South Africa during the early 1900s as the grandchild of Paul Kruger.

Oh wow. She must really be something special. Check out this video to learn more about her incredible experiences.