10 Rich People Share The Things They Thought Were Normal, But Were Actually A Luxury

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Believe it or not, many rich kids growing up actually had no idea how rich they really were. Their luxurious lifestyle was so normalized that they assumed that it was the same case for everyone. It wasn’t until they grew up that they realized that the world was a lot more divided than that.

While some of us are born fortunate like the Reddit users below, some of us acquire fortune over time. However, this teaches us the value of some of these seemingly “normal”, luxurious things.

Owning A Brand New Car

woman and dog driving

Tonu Tan / Unsplash

Tonu Tan / Unsplash

“By the time I was 23 I’d had 5 cars. When I got my second brand new car in about 18 months I learned that some people can never afford a brand new car in their life. I honestly had no idea.

When a friend was saying she needed to get a credit card so she could buy a car I genuinely didn’t understand why. Credit scores weren’t a thing I was aware of. I’d been on my parents’ AmEx account since I was about 12 which gave me perfect credit right out of the gate. I realize that now, but even then I don’t think I really knew what a credit score was until I was in my 30’s.” – Sad_Poet_3429