10 Rich People Share The Things They Thought Were Normal, But Were Actually A Luxury

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Believe it or not, many rich kids growing up actually had no idea how rich they really were. Their luxurious lifestyle was so normalized that they assumed that it was the same case for everyone. It wasn’t until they grew up that they realized that the world was a lot more divided than that.

While some of us are born fortunate like the Reddit users below, some of us acquire fortune over time. However, this teaches us the value of some of these seemingly “normal”, luxurious things.

Owning A Brand New Car

woman and dog driving

Tonu Tan / Unsplash

Tonu Tan / Unsplash

“By the time I was 23 I’d had 5 cars. When I got my second brand new car in about 18 months I learned that some people can never afford a brand new car in their life. I honestly had no idea.

When a friend was saying she needed to get a credit card so she could buy a car I genuinely didn’t understand why. Credit scores weren’t a thing I was aware of. I’d been on my parents’ AmEx account since I was about 12 which gave me perfect credit right out of the gate. I realize that now, but even then I don’t think I really knew what a credit score was until I was in my 30’s.” – Sad_Poet_3429

Going To School Debt Free

graduates throwing their  hats into the air

Vasily Koloda / Unsplash

Vasily Koloda / Unsplash

” Being able to go to college/school without thinking about the cost. Also, being able to choose ‘whatever’ major I wanted, without thinking about if that major would lead to a paying career that would help support my parents and myself after I graduated.” – Defiant_Nothing7684

It’s sad that we live in a society where we need to give most of our time to a corporation in order to survive, but that is the reality for most of us.

Replacing Broken Items

man standing above broken glass

Jachan Devol / Unsplash

Jachan Devol / Unsplash

“If I broke something, it was just a funny joke how clumsy I am and it got replaced immediately. I’ve had so many phones, computers, and cameras that I can’t even count so I only realized as an adult that people don’t just throw away their broken or used stuff but actually fix it.” – sayhummus

We don’t all have $500 lying around to replace our phones every time they break…

Riding A Limo

limo parked at night

Erik Mclean / Unsplash

Erik Mclean / Unsplash

“I didn’t know that it wasn’t normal to always take a stretch limo to the airport like my family did.” – dvnrscsy

This one seems like it should’ve been pretty obvious. All they had to was look outside the limo windows. Shockingly, the airport wouldn’t have been all lined up with limos.

Steak For Dinner

steak on fire

Alexander Kovacs / Unsplash

Alexander Kovacs / Unsplash

“We had so much steak (think four or five days a week) that my brother and I got so sick of it. I didn’t understand the draw of steakhouses and only having steak on a special occasion until I was the one paying for it.” – AllDogsGoToReddit

Many rich people share that they’re able to order in whenever from wherever. Most people usually can only afford to order in about once a week, especially for bigger families.

Owning Multiple Homes

house with a pool

Ralph Ravi Kayde / Unsplash

Ralph Ravi Kayde / Unsplash

“I assumed that it was a middle-class thing to have multiple summer homes on different islands and huge homes in NYC, fancy vacations, and private schools, and and and.

Us kids were always reminded that having so many homes was very hard work, which I guess it was, and ‘rich people didn’t have to work hard and therefore we looked down on ‘rich’ people for being kinda lazy and of questionable character.”

Is there a right and a wrong here?

Having A Pool

woman in a pool

Drew Dau / Unsplash

Drew Dau / Unsplash

“Having a pool. Everyone always wanted to come over to use it. Doesn’t everyone else have a pool? Oh…” – PM_ME__PREDICTIONS

Realtors tend to need to remind their clients that a pool is a want not a necessity. You need to have running water through a home but you don’t need to lounge by a pool on a warm day.

Never Wearing The Same Outfit Twice

woman with shopping bags

Freestocks / Unsplash

Freestocks / Unsplash

“Clothes never wore them more than twice. Gave them to charity and just bought more. Shoes too, I had more shoes than I could ever need.” – Good-Long-5064

The only silver lining is that at least someone less fortunate profited of the almost brand new clothes that were constantly being donated.

Having A Maid

Glitter on the floor being vaccumed

The Creative Exhange / Unsplash

The Creative Exhange / Unsplash

​”We had a maid. I didn’t realize everyone else didn’t.” – Inquisitive-Diver99

It would be nice to have someone to cook, clean, and put the kids to bed for us. However, most of us have to split our time into doing it every single day, on top of our actual day job. On the one hand, it teaches us life skills and builds character. On the other hand, it leaves us in a constant state of exhaustion.


cut up cheese on counter

Alice donavan / Unsplash

Alice donavan / Unsplash

​”Having multiple types of cheese in the fridge at all times. I was shocked at how expensive cheese was when I moved out lol.”

Personally, this is one item we’re willing to splurge on. Cheese is good for the soul. At the end of the day, money comes and go. We cannot stand in the position of lack and ask the universe more. Let’s be grateful for all that we already have, as all we have is all we need.

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