10 Things Money Will Never Be Able To Buy You

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1. Time.

The only thing that can buy you more time in this life is treating your body well. Statistically speaking, wealthier people do live a bit longer because they can afford good health care, but if you don’t take care of yourself, good luck buying more time.

2. Wisdom.

That comes with life, time, and experience. You can of course use some of your wealth to buy a plane ticket to India and backpack for a year. You can use it to experience new places and new things. But money doesn’t buy it.

3. Acceptance.

This one is easily the most important. Money can’t buy you the ability to accept your current situation. It can be a real gift, but it can’t buy you every little thing. Living in the present requires patience and skill.

4. Love.

You might be able to buy yourself a relationship, a trophy partner, a “lover,” but you can’t buy love with money. Love is something earned over time.

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5. The Truth.

You might be able to buy influence, but money can’t buy you good people who will be honest with you always. Money won’t help you skew the truth either.

6. Peace.

Peace comes within through cultivation of thoughts and peaceful action.

7. Talent.

Talent is something that’s earned, not purchased. You can perhaps pay for classes, but simply paying for classes won’t give you a talent.

8. Health.

See #3. Only taking care of yourself will buy you good health.