10 Things To Do When You’re 30 To Make Your Life Amazing At 50

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It’s hard to figure out how to live your life now in order to be happy and healthy when you’re older. It seems so far away but it’ll creep up on you. Take these 10 steps to make sure life at 50 is as good as life at 30.

1. Don’t smoke.

If you smoke, quitting today will extend your life.

2. Don’t eat crap.

At least don’t eat that much crap. Splurge once in a while but eat well overall.

3. Maintain good family relationships.

And if any relationships need to be repaired, repair them! Your family won’t be around forever.

4. Wear sunblock.

Melanoma sucks. Protect your skin and you won’t be leathery-looking in old age too.

5. Get exercise.

Staying active now will help you stay active as you age. If you’re lazy now, don’t expect to run a marathon at 50.

6. Start saving up.

In 45 years, everything will be way more expensive and chances are, the economy won’t really be that much better. Don’t expect it to be. Save up money for the times in your life you can’t work.

7. Give back to the world.

If each of us tried making the world a little bit better every day, the world would be a kickass place to be.

8. Pursue your life goals.

You definitely don’t want to wait until you’re too old to accomplish your big life goals.


Get lots of rest. Enough sleep means good long term health.

10. Maintain good dental health.

Our grandparents were the first generation that was generally able to keep its teeth. This comes from advanced dental hygiene techniques. Go to the dentist twice a year, brush and floss, and keep those chompers in good health.

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