10 Things Your Soul Wants To Learn During This Lifetime

1. Your soul wants to learn to be compassionate.

One of the things your soul wants to do is learn to be compassionate to others. It's easy for the physical world to beat you down. Disasters happen, things are largely out of our control, and people can be dishearteningly cruel. But the only thing your soul wants is to be a beacon of light and hope in a dark, demon haunted world.

2. Your soul wants to learn for the sake of learning.

Ask questions about the world. Get to know the world around you. The happiest people are often the most successful, and your soul wants you to be successful.

3. Your soul wants to learn to be optimistic.

Kind of back to #1. Your soul sees the world as an exceedingly negative place. It's an easy place to be negative, that's for sure. Life is hard. But your soul wants nothing but optimism in this life.

4. Your soul wants to learn to be mindful.

Mindfulness doesn't necessarily mean meditating on top of a mountain for the whole of your life. It simply means focusing your attention on the present moment. Life is chaotic, but it's important to be focused. When you're mindful, you can put your attention toward positive things like love, kindness, and appreciation of others.

5. Your soul wants to learn to be confident.

Your soul wants to truly learn how to be a confident one. But don't mistake confidence for arrogance. Arrogance comes from low self esteem and has no role in learning confidence. Confidence is more about creating a life you love and shaping the world around you. Don't hide what you're good at and don't try to boost what you're poor at. Get better at what you're weak at and shine with your strengths.

6. Your soul wants to learn to love life.

Enough said. Maybe reincarnation is real, maybe not. This might be our only shot or we may get more. One thing is for sure, your soul is here and there's no reason you shouldn't be loving life.

7. Your soul wants to learn its potential and to have a purpose.

Why not find something to be passionate about in this life? I think a lot of folks lack passion and that's such a problem. Without passion, life is dull and nothing gets better. Find a purpose for this life.

8. Your soul wants to learn to overcome its fears.

There are fears that hold us back and fears that don't. My fears include public speaking and skydiving. Not going skydiving doesn't hinder my personal growth and development. Being afraid of jumping out of a plane makes sense in so many ways. But public speaking? That's a fear I'm working on. And I'm sure my soul appreciates it. Your soul wants to be all it can be. Overcome those fears and do awesome things with your life.

9. Your soul wants to learn to be willful.

Having willpower is important. We should be able to make choices for ourselves without giving in to pressure. The more you use willpower, the stronger it becomes.

10. Your soul wants to learn to be grateful.

It can be hard to be grateful for what you have, especially when you see people around you with so incredibly much more than you. But it is important to remember that you have great things already. Take stock of what those things are, be grateful, but always strive to be at your best.

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