100 year old celebrates her birthday by running down the hall

The majority of my friends cannot run as well as she does! I hope to have this much energy and flexibility when I get older.

Meet Miss Bertie, she proved that age is just a number on her 100th birthday by running down the hallway of her living center.

Bertie was asked: “What is it like to be 100 years old?”

Miss Bertie’s reply: “it’s wonderful. Just keeping in God’s hands and everything is going to be alright.”

Craig O’Neill, the evening anchor asked Miss Bertie: “How do you manage to remain so remarkably fit at the old age of 100?”

Miss Bertie said: “what did I just say.. just keep you hand in God’s hands and keep for it, everything will be alright.”

Craig joked about her exercise routine in a positive way by asking her: “If they came out with an exercise program that was called miss Bertie’s exercise program; live to be the age of 100… do you think that would work?”

Miss Bertie says with a laugh: “I believe it would.”