11 Reasons Why Money Has Absolutely No Place In Your Relationship

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Generations ago and still in some cultures, you’re encouraged to marry a wealthy man if you’re a woman of modest means. We had a period where we were just marrying our high school sweethearts before going off to war, but now we’re swinging back around to economical marriages and it’s such a silly thing to do. Money has no place in your relationship or marriage. Which brings me to point number one.

1. Don’t look for a rich partner because you’re broke.

And don’t expect anyone to give you a free ride. If you’re a Millennial, you’re probably broke anyway. Thanks, baby boomer generation.

2. You should be able to pay for your own things.

My parents were from a generation of joint back accounts. These days I’m seeing more and more couples with separate  finances that have joint accounts for specific expenses, like rents and mortgages or other bills. It stems from the reality that we all need to be able to cover our own expenses.

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3. The amount of money you make doesn’t define you.

Would you rather be with someone who was awesome but not financially sound or someone rich and awful?

4. Money is temporary anyway.

Hey, you can’t take it with you. Money can go away in a heart beat but your relationship can be with you forever.

5. You can’t buy love.

It’s something you build through human interaction.

6. It’s weird to loan money.

It’s such a touchy subject loaning people money and it’s a recipe for disaster in a relationship.