10 Nightwalkers Reveal The Creepiest Things They’ve Ever Seen

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A nightwalker, as the name suggests, is someone who takes walks at night. While most of us are soundly asleep in the comfort of our own beds, others, take this time as an opportunity to enjoy the world in its quietness and stillness. A night walk is meant to be a peaceful adventure, where one connects back to the world without its noise.

However, the darkness of the night can also bring about some pretty creepy situations. Those of us who were awake to see it, shared their sightings on Reddit. Read at your own risk, as some of the stories are chilling.

Hiding Among The Trees

tree silhouettes at night

Michael Aleo / Unsplash

Michael Aleo / Unsplash

“One time I turned around to see what was behind me just out of intuition, and I saw someone step behind a tree rather quickly and try to hide from me. I stood there for a second to confirm this, then I speed-walked home.” – THCRANGER

Were they being followed or did they just happen to come across another nightwalker finding peace in nature? We’ll never know.