12 Ways You Transform When You Stop Repressing Feelings

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You don’t need a meditation session to realize that the more you repress feelings, the more they will come out. Except, repressed feelings usually come out at the wrong time and in the wrong way.

It is quite important to become aware of what feelings you may be repressing and of the impact they have on you. Then watch, how you’ll transform.

Why Do We Do It?​

man sitting off a cliff looking into the distance

Elijah Heitt / Unsplash

Elijah Heitt / Unsplash

We’re not here to judge or point the finger because at one point or another, we have all repressed some kind of feeling. There are quite a few reasons why we do this. They may be subjective but usually, all have something to do with our past.

For some, they didn’t grow up in an environment where they were able to express their feelings. Some are taught that being emotional is a sign of weakness. Others are simply too afraid of the consequences of confrontation.