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12 Ways You Transform When You Stop Repressing Feelings

You don't need a meditation session to realize that the more you repress feelings, the more they will come out. Except, repressed feelings usually come out at the wrong time and in the wrong way.

It is quite important to become aware of what feelings you may be repressing and of the impact they have on you. Then watch, how you'll transform.

Why Do We Do It?​

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We're not here to judge or point the finger because at one point or another, we have all repressed some kind of feeling. There are quite a few reasons why we do this. They may be subjective but usually, all have something to do with our past.

For some, they didn't grow up in an environment where they were able to express their feelings. Some are taught that being emotional is a sign of weakness. Others are simply too afraid of the consequences of confrontation.

How It Comes Back To Haunt You

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​You might think that you're brushing it aside instead of letting it weigh you down, but if you don't deal with suppressed emotions you get stuck in a "getting over it" mentality that never allows you to fully heal.

The pain of a suppressed feeling doesn't actually go away but instead moves into your unconscious mind where it starts to rule over your behavior. Your ego is still very much aware of it and it continues to project out any negative feelings.

Let Go Of Your Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

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if you chose to feel out the pain, no matter how badly it hurts, you start to let go of it. No more nights spent drinking or binging on ice cream to numb the pain.No more calling in sick to spend the day crying in bed. No more cancelling plans so you can stalk an ex instead.

You stop finding ways to cope and instead you find ways to live and transform yourself.

You Take Care Of Yourself Instead Of Everyone Else

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When we are hurting we tend to find ways to distract ourselves. It may seem easier to take care of everyone else. However, you end up taking on everyone else's pain too on top of the one you never worked through for yourself. You end up treating people like "projects" and burning out from trying to "fix" everyone.

When you stop repressing feelings, you start taking care of yourself first. You start prioritizing yourself. You even start loving yourself again.

You Let Go Of Stressful Toxic Body Chemicals

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Whenever you fight your own feelings on anything, you put your body through a lot of stress. Stress makes the body release toxic chemicals into its system like increasing cortisol levels.

Without the fancy terms, your body starts to act like it's keeping one big secret, and it's trying to release it but it doesn't know how. Instead, it tries to cope by keeping you up all night or making you feel overly fatigued. As soon as you finally allow it to release that secret, it starts to regulate itself back up.

Blood Pressure Will Go Down Too

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​Our bodies are magical because they often know what's going before you even become aware of it. That means when you repress a feeling, it knows something is wrong and will try to compensate for it. When it feels off, it will increase your blood pressure levels.

The opposite happens when you face a feeling head-on. it starts to find acceptance and relax which then lowers your blood pressure levels.

The Mask Comes Off

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How many times have you felt like you just need to put up a front, or smile your way through the day so that no one picks up on how you really feel on the inside. When you set yourself free of repressed feelings, you start to not only act like yourself but you genuinely feel like yourself.

You become unapologetically yourself and you stop giving weight to how others look at you or what they might think of you. When you're happy with yourself, you don't care if you fit everyone else's expectations.

You Let People In

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You may not realize it, but by repressing feelings you teach yourself that you're afraid. You start to put up a wall because you don't know how to make yourself vulnerable to anyone. You risk shutting yourself off from people and experiences.

Yet when you are not holding on to the past, you leave room for the future. You are able to take risks and be vulnerable because even if you're bound to get hurt again, you know how to get through it.

You Look At The Bigger Picture

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When you stop repressing feelings, you stop wasting your energy and your focus on not feeling something, and instead, you start to notice everything else.

Think of it like removing blinders that only allowed you to see straight ahead because you only had enough energy for the next step. Now you can look in any direction and see how far it can go.

You Begin To Enjoy Stillness

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If meditation was so easy we'd all be doing it. Although we all should, it can surprisingly be hard to clear our mind and truly sit in stillness. When we're trying to repress feelings, this is likely the time that they would come out. Instead, many of us try to keep as busy as possible.

Even if it wears us out, we convince ourselves that it's better than sulking. However, the sooner we can face these feelings, the sooner we can actually relax and be okay with silence.

You Connect Back With Your Body

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Would you like a trick on how to stop repressing feelings? Motion releases emotion. You can dance, jump, or run and your body will start using that movement to remove the energy blocks that are repressing your feelings and heal you.

Whenever you don't know how to think through a painful feeling, stop thinking and start moving. Not to mention, you'll end up releasing happy chemicals into your body so it's a win-win.

You Get Excited About The Future

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​The future doesn't look bleak when you feel free, centered, and balanced. That doesn't necessarily mean feeling happy all the time but it means being aware of what you're feeling.

It means being hopeful that you can get through all feelings. It means feeling like you can manifest whatever it is that you desire because you're putting yourself in control of yourself rather than let feelings guide you.

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