13 Things You Need Stop Stop Doing Immediately If You Want To Make Your Life Amazing

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1. Comparing your life to the lives of others.

This is #1 because I think it’s the most important. There’s no need to compare the life you’re leading, or the life you really want to lead, to the lives of other people. What everyone else does is great for them, but this is your life and you get to decide how amazing it’s going to be.

2. Waiting around for just the right moment.

The right moment is now! There’s no need to wait.

3. Being with people who hurt you.

Friends or romantic partners – it doesn’t matter. If they hurt you, it might be time to cut them out.

4. Judging others.

You don’t want to be judged by people, right? So why judge them? Everyone has a different lot in life. People do what they want to do. Your judgement isn’t needed.

5. Avoiding your problems.

Avoiding them doesn’t make them go away. If anything, you should clear problems for your life so you can devote more energy to awesome things in life.

6. Ignoring your own needs.

It’s important not to make yourself #1 all the time, but don’t neglect yourself over the needs of others. Take a little you time once in a while.

7. Being someone you’re not.

You should take the time to embrace the person you are. Once you can fully reveal that person, the people you want in your life will be in your life. Trust me.

8. Being afraid of mistakes.

We grow form our mistakes. There’s no reason to fear them. Don’t let the potential for mistakes suckerpunch your awesome life.

9. Trying to buy your happiness.

Stuff doesn’t earn you happiness. Your experiences and actions do. If anything, use money to travel and help those less fortunate.

10. Being easily manipulated.

Don’t be a pushover! Know what you want. Know what works for you. If people try to manipulate you into doing what you don’t want to, you’ll sabotage the kind of life you want.

11. Blaming others for your problems.

It takes a big person to stand up and say “Yeah, I did this. This is my problem.” If you can do that, you can begin work on solving them.

12. Always trying to make others happy.

You can’t always please everyone. You should do your best to make yourself happy. Besides, a happier you is someone that people will be drawn to.

13. Being complacent.

Have you found your groove? Found a life for yourself that’s truly comfortable? That’s good! Now shake it up. Change your routine. Go out on a limb. Demand more from yourself and the world around you.

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