15 Signs You’re Secretly An Introvert

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1. You go through phases of solitude and social activity.

This is one I experience very fully. There are periods of time where I rage with friends almost constantly. There are also weeks at a time where I hardly leave the house. Sometimes you need some time to recover. We each have our own personal cycles.

2. You can be easily distracted.

Extroverts tend to get bored pretty easily when they don’t have enough to do, but introverts are the opposite. They get distracted in overwhelming environments. “Extroverts are commonly found to be more easily bored than introverts on monotonous tasks, probably because they require and thrive on high levels of stimulation,” Researchers from Clark University wrote in a paper published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. “In contrast, introverts are more easily distracted than extroverts and, hence, prefer relatively unstimulating environments.”

3. People say you’re too intense.

Introverts have a tendency to jump into the deep end with both feet. They love philosophy and thought provoking conversation. As a result, you might sometimes be called too intense.

4. Small talk is kind of annoying.

If not downright cumbersome for you. You enjoy real talk and conversations about important things, not talk about the weather.

5. You go to parties but don’t really meet people.

You sometimes go to parties and definitely have fun with people but you don’t necessarily walk away with any new friends.

6. Networking seems so fake.

Networking. The art of making friends that will further your career goals. It seems kind of fake, doesn’t it? If so, chances are you’re a secret introvert.

7. A big speech is less stressful than mingling.

It can feel easy to stand in front of a thousand people and make a statement, but mingling is exceptionally difficult.

8. You’re partnered with an extrovert.

Opposites attract, right?

9. You avoid audience participation like the plague.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is definitely not for you.

10. You screen calls even from friends.

Sometimes you just don’t feel like talking and sometimes it feels good to be prepared for the conversation, even if it’s just a pleasant invitation somewhere.

11. You tend to be more detail oriented.

You notice details that other people don’t seem to very often. This can come off as a little overwhelming from time to time.

12. You have low blood pressure.

It’s interesting. A Japanese study from 2006 found that introverts had lower blood pressure than their extroverted brethren.

13. People call you an old soul.

I know this all too well. I’ve been called an old man since the day I was born. Introverts tend to be very analytical, making them seem wise beyond their years.

14. You tend to see the big picture.

Many introverts excel in detail oriented tasks, but they can also look at the big picture. Sometimes we dig a more abstract conversation though.

15. You’re a writer.

Hey, look at me!

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