15 Stunning Images Of The Enigmatic Dogon Tribe

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One of the greatest rarities in this world is seeing an ancient tribe that has gone largely uninfluenced by the modern world. In the south Sahara Desert of Africa in Mali exists the Dogon tribe, a tribal people believed to be descendant of ancient Egyptians. The tribe’s lore dates back to 3200 BCE.

The Dogon are unique in another way – they believed, possibly long before anyone in Europe, that the Earth is round and that it circles the sun. Their texts contain very accurate information about a neighboring star, Sirus. Their texts write about its companion star, what they call Po Tolo, and its 50-year elliptical orbit. In 1926, astronomers found this information to be accurage.

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Aside from their interesting lore and incredibly accurate celestial knowledge, the Dogon are known for their incredible masks and intricate woodcarvings. They wear 80 different types of masks depending on what they’re celebrating.