15 Things Women Should Never Have To Apologize For

Women are trained to be some of the most apologetic people. But why should they have to apologize for many things that just happen naturally? Circumstance is beyond their control. These are 15 things women shouldn't have to apologize for.

1. Putting yourself first.

There's an attitude among many men that women are subservient, even in gender roles that seem far detached from their sexist origins. Women: you don't have to apologize for considering yourself an equal or putting yourself first.

2. Wearing makeup.

Some women love wearing makeup. Some do it for special occasions. Other women never wear makeup. It's up to them whether they do or don't wear makeup. Get over it. It's not your choice. Your opinion doesn't factor in.

3. How many sexual partners they've had.

Double standards ahoy! Men with long sex partner lists are praised, and women are called "sluts" for dating around. Bullshit I say. Women, experience your sexuality to the extent you're comfortable with.

4. Periods.

Without the menstrual cycle, you wouldn't be here. Suck it up, bucko.

5. Sexual preferences.

Regardless of what it is, it's not even any of your business. There's nothing wrong with a woman who is straight, bisexual, gay, or asexual.

6. Pooping.

What do you expect them to do? I've met men who have this bizarre belief that women shouldn't make it known that they poop. I say poop as much as you like, ladies.

7. Bra size.

Again, none of your business. Some women are larger up top, some not so much. Who cares? It's not your business.

8. Independence.

Women who are independent people don't need to apologize for it. Congratulations to all the ladies who have found financial and emotional independence. Much respect.

9. Looking like crap.

I go out looking like shit all the time. It's kind of my trademark. Why should women constantly have to gussy up?

10. Being a type-a personality

Well organized with to-do lists for your to-do lists. Many people think you're uptight, but you're just being you. It's fine.

11. Not enjoying giving blow jobs.

I'm a gay man. I get it. Sometimes it just takes a lot out of you to give a guy a blowjob. The awesome thing is you don't have to. Seriously, this is for the LGBT men too. You don't have to. 

12. Being girly.

You're a girl. Don't apologize for being girly.

13. Not wanting children.

This is one I hear a lot. Especially women with children telling women about how much they'll love being a mom. You're a grown person. You can decide for yourself.

14. Not wanting to have sex.

It's your vagina. Don't apologize for it.

15. Being you.

Just do you.

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