Eerie Things Children Casually Told Their Parents That Prove They Are Supernatural Beings

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When we think of children, we picture these innocent beings who have yet to be conditioned by the world and experience its injustice. They are full of life, energy, and curiosity. They’ll say odd things, which we often dismiss to their still-developing minds. What if the joke’s on us and children are actually way ahead of us?

Because their minds are still untainted by our world and its beliefs, their innocence and close connection to before-life could actually give them a gateway to the afterlife. Children might actually be able to openly communicate with spirits! Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

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Brad Is Now One With The Water

Brad Huffinton lost at sea tweet

LilahSturges / Twiter

LilahSturges / Twiter

This discussion was started on Twitter by user LilahSturges. When her four-year-old daughter very casually mentioned that she once was married, she probably associated it with her still active imagination. But when her daughter not only gave her husband’s full name, but could recall his cause of death, the story suddenly got creepier. How could such a young child even know what it means to be lost at sea?

There is one way to know if she’s right…a quick Google search should reveal whether a “Brad Hufftington” ever did get lost at sea….Unless this was before the time of newspapers…anything is possible!