Eerie Things Children Casually Told Their Parents That Prove They Are Supernatural Beings

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When we think of children, we picture these innocent beings who have yet to be conditioned by the world and experience its injustice. They are full of life, energy, and curiosity. They’ll say odd things, which we often dismiss to their still-developing minds. What if the joke’s on us and children are actually way ahead of us?

Because their minds are still untainted by our world and its beliefs, their innocence and close connection to before-life could actually give them a gateway to the afterlife. Children might actually be able to openly communicate with spirits! Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

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Brad Is Now One With The Water

Brad Huffinton lost at sea tweet

LilahSturges / Twiter

LilahSturges / Twiter

This discussion was started on Twitter by user LilahSturges. When her four-year-old daughter very casually mentioned that she once was married, she probably associated it with her still active imagination. But when her daughter not only gave her husband’s full name, but could recall his cause of death, the story suddenly got creepier. How could such a young child even know what it means to be lost at sea?

There is one way to know if she’s right…a quick Google search should reveal whether a “Brad Hufftington” ever did get lost at sea….Unless this was before the time of newspapers…anything is possible!

Could It Be Reincarnation?

Bestie came back as daughter

KowMark / Twitter

KowMark / Twitter

There is a belief that when someone close to us passes over, they can come back through a new body. In fact, reincarnation, also known as rebirth or transmigration, believes that the non-physical essence of a living being, so let’s say their “soul,” begins a new life in a different physical form or body when they biologically die.

Some people then notice that new form in a new life around them, especially if the time of death was not long before the time of birth of the new life. This would be a concept far too complicated for a three-year-old to grasp…unless he was once really 28.

The World Is Ending

autistic son announcing that the world is burning in 2023 tweet

Gilibugg / Twitter

Gilibugg / Twitter

​Ladies and gentlemen, we are so sorry to announce that just as the world was finally resuming some sense of normalcy after a worldwide pandemic that forced everyone to stay home, away from their loved ones and the light of day for three years, we have just a couple more months to live…

It turns out that this three-year-old somehow knows something we don’t as he managed to break through his speech impairment to warn us all that the world is going to burn in 2023. We recommend you get started on your bucket list now…

Next In Line For Death

child tells aunt she's next to die at funeral and she does, tweet

Laurennelpascal / Twitter

Laurennelpascal / Twitter

​This one really gives the chills because what child would even want to fathom the idea of their mother dying, let alone predict her coming demise and announce it directly to her? We want to remind you that adults can generally recall events from age 3–4 years old, but that primarily experiential memories begin around 4.7 years old.

That means that the child had no idea what they were really saying, nor will they be able to remember it later on. Is that why whatever spirit let them in on the order of their family’s death felt confident enough to confide in them?

The Walking Dead

daughter seeing ghosts walking around the cemetery

Beaglephd / Twitter

Beaglephd / Twitter

​The more we grow up, the more we’re told and re-told that ghosts don’t exist and that the supernatural is just a work of fiction. But what if it’s that conditioning that takes away our ability to see “beyond”? Perhaps children are able to see ghosts because they haven’t yet trained their minds not, and aren’t consumed by fear when acknowledging the possibility.

After all, not all ghosts are bad! What if allowing ourselves to see what the children see would also give us the ability to connect with loved ones who passed away but haven’t yet made it over?

In A Past life

son repeating

blanketboat / Twitter

blanketboat / Twitter

Have you ever had a deja vu? It’s almost like an out-of-body experience because all your senses feel certain that you’ve experienced this very moment before, but all your logic confirms that you couldn’t have. What if deja vus were simply glimpses into our past lives?

Many believe we are actually given 13 lives and that with each cycle, we build on what we learned in the previous life. That could be why some people appear more childish than others while some are wiser way beyond their years. In fact, the method of past life regression uses hypnosis to recover memories of past lives or incarnations

The Tables Have Turned

kid believes he is grandfather tweet

Reneestewart / Twitter

Reneestewart / Twitter

​What’s fascinating to think about if the reincarnation theory is true, is the role reversal. Suddenly the very same person who raised you, is the one that you’re now raising. Maybe it’s a lesson on humility, and the universe’s funny rendition of “the student becomes the teacher” or “what goes around comes around”

Perhaps life is nothing but endless cycles of life without a clear beginning or end and we just keep going around ad around and around.

The Boy In The Corner

daughter thinks she sees boy in the corner

Murbrum / Unsplash

Murbrum / Unsplash

​We can’t decide what’s more cause for concern…the fact that this toddler is convinced that she can see a boy and his mother hiding in the corner of her bedroom or the fact that there is even a ghost boy and a mother sobbing…This seems like the perfect intro for Netflix’s next most-watched horror movie.

If we’ve learned anything from scary movies, we recommend that the family pack all their bags and move out of the house immediately instead of walking directly into the basement to investigate themselves.

One And The Same

Peanut miscarried and came back again

Shannontalford / Twitter

Shannontalford / Twitter

​Called it a grieving mother seeing what she wants to see or a second chance at life, but either way, the fact that such a young child even knew the name of his brother whose life was cut too short is eerie!

In reality, however, we actually know so little of the world. There is no way for us to understand life and death beyond what we have experienced and can use as evidence. Maybe some things are just not for us to know until it’s our time…That shouldn’t be scary. We all know we’re going to die one day anyway so we’re bound to find out, but rather than spend our whole lives looking for answers, perhaps we should just enjoy the life that we do have.

A Familiar Face

​Some souls may linger after death due to unfinished business. According to award-winning author and intuitive medium Melissa Alvarez: “some souls cross over right away with no contact. Other souls visit loved ones briefly to say goodbye and then move on rather quickly.”

This is considered to be their last goodbye, and the prepared loved one will usually find a way to make their presence known soon after passing. Perhaps that was Cecile’s way…

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