2-Year-Old Black Girl Makes History With Super High IQ Score Of 146

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Most people (about 68 percent of the population) have an IQ between 85 and 115, with the average IQ in the United States sitting around 98. However, only a tiny fraction of people have a very low IQ (below 70) or a very high IQ (above 130). In contrast, mastermind geniuses like Albert Einstein had been estimated to have a 160 IQ.

A toddler is showing the world now that you’re never too young to start making history. No matter age or skin color, we’re all full of potential. Kashe Quest, a 2-year-old from California recorded a super high IQ of 146 and joined Mensa, making her the youngest American member of the prestigious oldest IQ society.

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Started at 18 Months

Kashe has always been a special little girl. When she was just 18 months old, her parents noticed that she showed knowledge and intelligence well beyond her age. She already had mastered the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes, and could speak in complete sentences.

genius girl as a baby blanket at 7 months
itsmejit / Instagram
itsmejit / Instagram

On average, by age two most toddlers have somewhat of a growing vocabulary and acquire new words regularly. They can sort out shapes and colors but at a beginner level. Kashe was already an expert so her parents decided to take her for a regular pediatric check-up and that’s when she was acknowledged to have advanced intelligence.

Never Forced To Study

Despite her high intelligence, Kashe’s mother Sukhjit Athwal didn’t want to push her daughter or decide her path on her behalf. She wanted to make sure that her daughter still got to enjoy being a toddler and wanted to give her time to figure out where her true passions lay. For that reason, she never forced her to study despite having available learning resources for her daughter as the mother is a child development expert herself. Instead, she wanted to guide her child, to follow her natural curiosity:

little girl playing tennis with racket
itsmejit / Instagram
itsmejit / Instagram

“I think one of the biggest things with me and [my] daughter [is] making sure she has a childhood and we don’t force anything on her,” she added. “We’re kind of going at her pace and we want to just make sure that she is youthful for as long as she can be.”

Her Knowledge Was Astonishing

Kashe’s knowledge could shame some of us grownups. While she is only two years old, she has memorized the periodic table and all 50 states by shape and location, plus learned the Spanish language! She is already way beyond the content of her classes where they are learning still to recite numbers. The amount of what she knows is astonishing, and even more curious is what she prefers to learn. She knows more than 50 signs in sign language!

“We started to notice her memory was really great. She just picked up things really fast and she was really interested in learning,” explain her parents.

Certified As A Genius

While her parents always knew that Kashe was a genius, they made it official when they got her to test for Mensa. Mensa is the largest and oldest high-IQ society in the world. It is a non-profit organization open to people who score at the 98th percentile or higher on a standardized, supervised IQ or other approved intelligence test.

two year old holding mensa membership
itsmejit / Instagram
itsmejit / Instagram

Kashe scored 146 on the Mensa, certifying that she is in fact a genius. If this is how high her score is at two years old, we can only imagine what it will reach as she gets older.

The Balance Between Childhood And Success

Kashe’s parents’ priority is to nurture her incredible abilities without pushing her to grow up too fast or take away from her childhood to study. Instead, they make sure she simply has access to any tools she might need. Using her background in education, her mother founded the Modern Schoolhouse in October 2020.

family photo of little girl with her parents at truck
itsmejit / Instagram
itsmejit / Instagram

This school has the goal of stimulating a natural home environment to make kids like Kea feel comfortable while learning. Kashe may be “different” than other kids her age, but she is still a kid nonetheless.

“She’s still two at heart, and she needs to be with children her age, and not have that pressure put on her to be older than she needs to be or act older than she needs to be,” Sukhjit said.

Patience Is Key

Kashe is only two years old with her whole life ahead of her. There is no rush for her to hone in on her abilities just yet ad her parents don’t want to take advantage of it. However, there’s no denying that she is different and needs special treatment and accommodations accordingly.

little girl smiling at outdoor table
itsmejit / Instagram
itsmejit / Instagram

For example, Kashe’s parents always keep in mind how they communicate with her. They want to make sure that they are intentional with what they say without being too hard on her when she gets frustrated with a task so that they can keep encouraging her.

“At the end of the day, she’s in that toddler stage,” Athwal told KTTV. “She very much is still a normal 2-year-old where we have negotiations, we have tantrums, we have everything and it’s different because the way we communicate with her, it has to be different because she’s able to understand just a little bit more.”

Her mom adds: “It has taught us patience in how to communicate with her and we are very conscious of the words we use with her and how we explain things.”

Making History At Two Years Old

Kashe’s achievement is not only remarkable for herself but for everything it represents. As a Black toddler, Kashe is showing the world and girls who look like her that they are capable of anything. Whether a woman, young or Black, the future is bright and it’s possible for anyone to make history.

little girl smiling in back is key hoodie
itsmejit / Instagram
itsmejit / Instagram

Now the 2-year-old from Los Angeles is now the youngest member of American Mensa,. “Kashe is certainly a remarkable addition to American Mensa,” Trevor Mitchell, executive director of American Mensa, told PEOPLE “We are proud to have her and to be able to help her and her parents with the unique challenges that gifted youth encounter.”

You Can Do Anything

What makes this girl special is her curiosity. She wants to learn and get further. Her philosophy should inspire us all to do the same: “She has always shown us, more than anything, the propensity to explore her surroundings and to ask the question ‘Why?” explains her dad Devin: “If she doesn’t know something, she wants to know what it is and how does it function, and once she learns it, she applies it.”

little girl wearing
itsmejit / Instagram
itsmejit / Instagram

What if you tried to do the same? Imagine what you can achieve. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

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