20 Stunning Photos Of The World's Disappearing Tribes

From 2010 to 2013, Jimmy Nelson traveled across the globe to photograph indigenous tribes of whom the world is largely unaware. These tribes are in a quick decline due to disturbances from "developed" nations. These disturbances manifest as deforestation, climate change, and technological advances. Nelson wanted to capture these individuals and their traditions in the hopes that the world will remember them if one day they're gone forever.

This mission was funded by Macel Boekhoorn, a billionaire, with a generous contribution of 400,000 Euros. Nelson was able to visit 35 tribes in Asia, Africa, Europe, South American, and the South Pacific region. He met with them, developed bonds and friendships, and would eventually ask for a portrait. These images were shot with a 50 year old 4x6 inch large-format camera.


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