This 2017 Astrology Forecast Is So ACCURATE It's Scary


Aries the ram tends to be bossy and arrogant, just like a ram. You seem combative at times and if that combativeness goes unchecked, you kind of suck to be around.

In 2017, focus on chilling out, ram friend. Take deep breaths, don't have such high expectations of yourself and others. Remember that you're just one in 7 billion.


Taurus is a reliable one, but you also tend to be insanely stubborn, don't you? You want riches and power and will often steamroll anyone who dares get in your way.

Try to loosen up a little bit. Don't be so stubborn. Learn from what others have to teach.


Gemini, you tend to be likable and yet two faced. Try not to let the dark twin take over too much. You often lose interest in people, so if dating or making new friends, double down on truly getting to know them instead of using them for a one night stand.


Cancer, you tend to be pretty sensitive. You see life as one big battleground. In 2017, try not to be so moody. Try not to lash out in anger at every little thing. Remember that no one is truly attacking you. It's almost never the case.

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