2022 Astrological Predictions, Are You Ready For A Shift In Freedom And Structure?

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During 2022, Jupiter is set to be the big hitter on the astrological scene. This optimistic giant remains in compassionate, spiritual Pisces until its arrival in Aries on May 10th. Along the way, a Jupiter-Uranus sextile on February 17th is a very good sign for populations still dealing with the fallout from Covid-19 – this is exciting, opportunistic energy with a huge emphasis on freedom.

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A Chance To Tap Into Magical Manifestation Energies

portal light door on snowy grass

Misael Moreno / Unsplash

Misael Moreno / Unsplash

In early March, a Capricorn stellium of Venus, Mars and Pluto focuses energy on shifting structures in society as we come to terms with necessary upheaval and the changes that the previous two years have wrought. It’s April 12th that is the standout time, however, as Jupiter forms rare conjunction with Neptune.

This conjunction itself happens every 12-13 years, but it has not occurred in spiritual Neptune since 1856. This is humankind’s chance to tap into extremely potent magical manifestation energies – inspiration abounds, and a planetary mind-shift starts to gather speed.