25-Y.O Pizza Delivery Man Hospitalized After Jumping From Burning Home To Rescue 5 Children He’s Never Met

This earth is full of angels disguised as human beings. If you can’t find a good person, then it’s your job to become one. It can be easy to lose hope in humanity, especially in a modern-day society where most people think it’s cool to “not care.”

Well, if you needed a sign that angels do exist, the story of this man who selflessly risked his life for complete strangers will do the trick …

The Night Of The Fire

25-year-old Pizza delivery man Nicholas Bostic was living just another regular evening, driving his car through the neighborhood delivering pizza in the dark of the night. What was once a random day quickly turned into a night he would never forget, a night that would change his fate forever and almost cost him his life.

Two photos of a man, one a selfie and one a selfie in a hospital gown.
Kara Lewi Via The Washington Post
Kara Lewi Via The Washington Post

When he spotted a house engulfed in flames outside his car window, Bostic didn’t have to think twice about what he should do. He jumped out of the driver’s seat and ran towards the scene.