20-Year-Old Mother Beats “200 Million to 1” Odds By Welcoming Identical Triplets With 40% Chance Of Survival

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While pregnancies happen all the time, the expectation is usually to have one child at a time. For this twenty-year-old mom, life had other plans. Instead of blessing her with just one kid, it gave her three at once. She already had a young daughter who was still not even two years old. Now, having triplets has its own set of complications as that’s three times the effort for the body to carry them and make sure they’re healthy. Still, the young couple conquered all odds and welcomed identical triplets, and now have 4 children under the age of 2!

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A Unique Couple

mom holds babies in icu

identicaltripletmum / Instagram

identicaltripletmum / Instagram

Most twenty-one-year-olds are still in college, with their biggest worry being when to go home for Christmas. They barely have one foot into adulthood, with the other one clinging on to their carefree teenage years. Yet, this twenty-one-year-old was already working as an administrative assistant. She and her partner didn’t consider themselves to be like most people their ages, nor did they have the “typical” lives of people their age.

“We obviously don’t have the typical life of other people our age,” explains Ellie the mother. Yet receiving news of triplets would be a shock to any mother, at any age. Luckily Ellie and her partner were quite mature and welcomed the challenge: “It is hard but we’ve always been family orientated so we have made it work. The nurses were impressed by how mature we are when we were in NICU with the boys.”