29 Things British People Say And What They Actually Mean

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1. Sorry, I think you dropped something.

Translation: Hey, you dropped something. Definitely dropped something.

2. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Translation: This situation is going to turn to sh*t very soon.

3. Whenever you get a minute.

Translation: Right now please.

4. No harm done.

Translation: You have literally ruined everything.

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5. No, yeah that’s so interesting!

Translation: This is boring as sh*t.

6. No, it was my fault.

Translation: It was definitely your fault.

7. I might get some cash out.

Translation: You’re definitely getting cash out of the bank.

8. I’m popping out for lunch. Anyone want anything?

Translation: I’m leaving. Please don’t ask for anything.

9. Pop by any time.

Translation: Please never come over.

10. To each their own.

Translation: You’re so wrong it hurts.

11. It could be worse.

Translation: It couldn’t possibly be worse.

12. Beg pardon.

Translation: You’re making me mad, I didn’t hear you, I apologize.

13. You’re welcome.

Translation: When said at a normal volume, you’re simply welcome. When said in a whisper, it’s a form of passive aggressive jabbing.

14. With all due respect.

Translation: You must be stupid.

15. If you say so.

Translation: Stop doing whatever idiocy you’re up to.

16. I have 5p if that helps.

Translation: I definitely can’t help.

17. Well that’s one way of looking at it.

Translation: The wrong way, you dunce.

18. You’ve caught the sun.

Translation: You’re sunburned as all hell.

19. It doesn’t matter.

Translation: It definitely matters so much.

20. Not bad actually.

Translation: I’m as good as I’ve ever been.

21. Perfect.

Translation: You ruined it.

22. A bit of a pickle.

Translation: We’re screwed.

23. It’s fine.

Translation: Nothing is fine dammit.

24. Right then. Well, time to think about making a move.

Translation: I’m leaving as fast as I can.

25. It’s a bit wet out there.

Translation: You’re going to need a snorkel.

26. Sorry.

Translation: Hello!

27. Excuse me, is anyone sitting here?

Translation: Move your stuff.

28. Not to worry.

Translation: You need to worry.

29. I might join you later.

Translation: I’m not leaving the house today.

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