3 Practices Of Non-Attachment To Be Able To Have Anyone Desired

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According to Buddhism, the root of suffering is attachment. When you attach yourself to things, people and thoughts, you give them the power to control your emotions. You also become attached to the outcome, meaning that when they don’t play out according to your expectations, you become distressed.

The more attached you are, the less you open yourself to opportunities, and the more you become emprisoned to the mind. Rather than sit all day waiting for that text from someone you’re not even sure likes you, set yourself free to put yourself in a position to have anyone you desire with these non-attachment techniques.

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What Is Non-Attachment?

Be careful of confusing non-attachment with detachment and lack of emotion altogether. Non-attachment is a healthy process of learning how to let go of the thoughts and emotions that don’t serve you. If you can stop attaching thoughts to experiences that risk stressing you out or don’t deserve your energy, you set yourself up for relief and inner peace.

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J. Balla Photography / Unsplash
J. Balla Photography / Unsplash

The mind is more powerful than you may think and you have complete power over it if you know how to impose it. You can learn to observe your thoughts to separate them from your emotions through practices such as mindful awareness, meditation, and therapy.