3 Practices Of Non-Attachment To Be Able To Have Anyone Desired

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According to Buddhism, the root of suffering is attachment. When you attach yourself to things, people and thoughts, you give them the power to control your emotions. You also become attached to the outcome, meaning that when they don’t play out according to your expectations, you become distressed.

The more attached you are, the less you open yourself to opportunities, and the more you become emprisoned to the mind. Rather than sit all day waiting for that text from someone you’re not even sure likes you, set yourself free to put yourself in a position to have anyone you desire with these non-attachment techniques.

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What Is Non-Attachment?

Be careful of confusing non-attachment with detachment and lack of emotion altogether. Non-attachment is a healthy process of learning how to let go of the thoughts and emotions that don’t serve you. If you can stop attaching thoughts to experiences that risk stressing you out or don’t deserve your energy, you set yourself up for relief and inner peace.

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J. Balla Photography / Unsplash
J. Balla Photography / Unsplash

The mind is more powerful than you may think and you have complete power over it if you know how to impose it. You can learn to observe your thoughts to separate them from your emotions through practices such as mindful awareness, meditation, and therapy.

Flowing Like Water

The best way to think of no attachment is by picturing the mind as a river of ever-flowing water, running through without obstacles. When you learn to let things fall into place naturally without forcing them or thinking from a place of scarcity, you stop being attached to expectations and limiting beliefs and feelings.

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Anastasia Taioglou / Unsplash
Anastasia Taioglou / Unsplash

They say you can picture this process of detachment as being an ice cube that slowly melts down into a pool of flowing water. Water flows with life effortlessly and peacefully, but ice cubes don’t unless they melt first. The goal of non-attachment is to become like water.

Accept That Everything Is Fleeting

The one constant in life is change and with change comes uncertainty. We tend to attach ourselves to the things and people that we think will better our lives. Ultimately whatever form of happiness they bring to our lives is fleeting.

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Michael Kessel / Unsplash
Michael Kessel / Unsplash

While we can spend our lives holding on as tightly as possible to past happy moments, we miss out on the ones happening in the present and limit the ones coming. To fully enjoy the gift of life in the present, you need to stop wishing it would last forever. Stop living as everything good comes to an end, and accept that just as this moment will pass, you’re about to experience another wonderful one. The more you can ride the waves of each moment the less they hold you back.

Release Expectations

Let go of expectations. They keep you prisoner to ideals and expectations that are realistic. Yes, things could fall into place exactly as you wish and that would be wonderful but that’s not how life works. That are so many variables outside of our control. That doesn’t me that you won’t receive what it is that you ask for, but it simply means that it will come to you in unexpected ways and on a path that might test and surprise you.

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Yuvraj Singh / Unsplash
Yuvraj Singh / Unsplash

If you go through that path disappointed because it’s not as you picture, you lose your focus and suppress your vibrational frequency. It keeps you stuck in every small inconvenience. Let go of the way control impacts your happiness. Just go with the flow and see where it takes you.

Let The Relationship Fall Naturally

Non-attachment is essential in romantic relationships because it prevents codependency ad takes off the pressure. It allows you to live your life outside of your partner’s so that you can both be happy independently, and even happier together.

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Joel Overbeck / Unsplash
Joel Overbeck / Unsplash

While a partner should add to your life, they shouldn’t become your whole life, dictate your mood, or affect you so profoundly that your day completely changes according to their actions, attention and affection. Non-attachment means feeling secure that you can live without them but that if it works out then they will simply add to your life.

Take Back Your Power

There is power in non-attachment in relationships. When you take your power back in a relationship you set the stage for a healthy relationship requiring equal give and take. An equal power dynamic leads to open communication, trust, and security.

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Guilherme Stecanella / Unsplash
Guilherme Stecanella / Unsplash

Non-attachment in dating also facilitates an absence of fear. You stop being afraid of coming off too strong and scaring them away, or losing them altogether. This gives you the courage to stick to your standards, ask for your needs to be met and walk away when necessary until you find the right person. While letting go of control is scary, it gives you the freedom to find the kind of relationship you want and deserve.

Spend Time Alone To Find Happiness Within

You are at your most attractive when you are happy. The best way to attract a partner is to find happiness within and let it radiate. The way you carry yourself and respond to the world around you automatically changes and increases your vibration frequency to match what it is that you’re manifesting.

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Darius Bashar / Unsplash
Darius Bashar / Unsplash

You can take practical action to get to that place through journaling, meditation, walks, exercise, dance or any form of exercise that takes you out of your own head and just allows you to be. The more you can use that time intentionally and focus on your breathing, the more you can release outside thoughts. The pursuit of happiness is the greatest form of attachment there is in society. Instead, try to direct your attention inwards.

The Present Is All That Matters

When it comes to relationships remember that people come and go, ad it’s often for a reason. As much as we want to hold on to the people and the moments we share with them that make us feel good, we need to accept that they might not stay forever.

Kelvin Valerio / Pexels
Kelvin Valerio / Pexels

All we can do is make the most of each moment we share with them, learn from them, and continue to see what else life brings our way. Being open puts you in the best position to receive the exact kind of relationship you long for.

What Is Healthy Love To You?

We don’t blame you for being frustrated with dating and wanting to stick with what’s comfortable but if you’re struggling to find and keep a quality relationship click here to find out how to break the cycle.

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Ilya Shishikhin / Unsplash
Ilya Shishikhin / Unsplash

In any relationship, always look at how you feel and ask yourself: does this person make you love yourself more? Do you want to grow old with them?

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