3 Powerful Ways To Deal With People Who Judge You

Humans are social creatures. With that fact in mind, it makes sense that we would hold our fellow human in high regard. What they think about us matters. But what happens when people start judging you in harsh and unfair ways? How can we deal with that judgement?

Get away from it.

Just walk away. Stay away from people who judge you harshly and spend time with those who enjoy your company. Remove yourself from that presence and those thoughts.

Don't sweat it.

Remember that everyone judges everyone. It's not like you're being specifically targeted. Take a deep breath, recognize that you've got company in that regard, and then do #1. Get away from it. Move on.

Stay positive and don't judge.

When the world, and the people around you, seems so negative, be a beacon of hope. Stay positive. Do the right thing. Do the good thing. Be the change you want to see in the world. Moreover, forgo judging people the same way that you've been judged.

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