Only Those With An Above Average IQ Can Solve This Basic Math Problem In Under 30 Seconds

Math is one of those subjects in school you're either good at or you're not good at. I was the latter. I'm more right brained, and left brained people are better with math than we right-brained types.

This problem doesn't seem too difficult at a glance, but can you solve it in less than 30 seconds? Don't reach for a calculator, I think you can do it without! Give it a try!

Take 1,000 and add 40 to it.

Add another 1,000.

Now add 30, then another 1,000.

Now add 20 and then another 1,000.

Now add 10.

Find the total.

Were you able to get the total? Scroll down for the answer...

The total was 4100!

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