30-year-old Family Secret Blows Up With Dna Test Christmas Gift

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Christmas may be a time of uniting with relatives and loved ones, but it can also be an awkward experience. For some families, it’s their only visit that whole year with their distant relatives who feel more like strangers. Some families even meet new members at holiday dinners.

For one family, in particular, Christmas became about unraveling dark family secrets no one knew were hiding for 30 years. It was all thanks to a Christmas gift that would make the holiday season that year, one they would never forget.

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A “Great” Gift

In an innocent act of kindness, a young man thought long and hard about to get his girlfriend for Christmas. He was trying to think of a gift that would be outside of the box so that it would be memorable and make her happy.

Lisa Fotios / Pexels
Lisa Fotios / Pexels

That’s how he came up with the idea of getting her a DNA testing kit. He explains in a Reddit post that everyone thought it was a ‘great gift’ at the time. Little did he know this gift would have irreversible damage, not only for her but for her entire family.

Family DNA Kits

The boyfriend bought a 23andMe DNA kit which is advertised as having a precise 90% accuracy. Their campaign states: “we are confident in our ability to predict a piece of DNA as coming from one of our reference populations.”

DNA Test kit
utah778/ Getty Images Via Canva Pro
utah778/ Getty Images Via Canva Pro

The company uses personal genomics and biotechnology to study DNA in its lab in California. They conduct direct-to-consumer DNA testing using a saliva sample from their customers. They analyze the saliva and then create reports relating to the customer’s ancestry and genetic predispositions to health-related topics.

It sounds like an informative experience for the average family. For this family, however, the test results would uncover a family secret hidden for 30 years.

It Came Down To The Half-Sister

When the girlfriend received her results, she expected them to confirm what she already knew and perhaps give her extra information on her heritage and medical background. The boyfriend describes that she went through the health section first:” Everything looked good.” he confirmed.

DNA TESTING using tools
Sergunt / Getty Images Via Canva Pro
Sergunt / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

Then she moved on to the family section: “Grandma – check, grandpa – check, mom – check, half-sister – che…. wait, what?! She looks up the half-sister, and she does not recognize her but recognizes a few people in her circle. She looks up her father, and gets his name…” Up to this point, the girlfriend had no idea that she had a half-sister.

Her Mom Had No Idea Until…

The young woman was confused, so she decided to call her mom and put her on the speaker to get some answers. The first question she asks her mom is whether she has a half-sister, to which her mom responds: “Of course not. Why would you have a half-sister, honey?”

woman-in-grey-notched-lapel-suit- on phone in the street
Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels
Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

However, the girlfriend had already found the name of the half-sister’s father, so she decided to inquire about it next. Before her mom had stopped laughing, she then asked: “do you know a John Smith?” That’s when her mom got completely quiet…

The Name That Changed Everything

The boyfriend’s post takes a turn at this point. He explains: “the phone became dead silent. In an extremely serious tone, her mom responds ‘what about him’?’ The boyfriend narrates: “my girlfriend then explains that she’s on ’23 and Me’ [DNA test site] and for some reason, it’s saying she has a half-sister, and John is her father. There was what felt like five minutes of complete silence.”

Adrienn / Pexels
Adrienn / Pexels

Finally, the mother caved and, with a cold but serious monotone voice, asked her daughter: “have you said anything to your father?'” The girlfriend pressured her, saying: “no, I called you first. I figured you might know.” The boyfriend describes that another few moments of eerie silence went by. Then the mom finally broke the silence with a sigh…

A 30 Year-Old Secret Affair

Before finally breaking her silence, the mother swore her daughter to secret, instructing her not to say anything to her father or boyfriend, who was still listening to the whole conversation on speaker.

Andre Furtado / Pexels
Andre Furtado / Pexels

The post went on: “So apparently her mom and dad had ‘taken a break’ for a weekend, and she hooked up with her ex-boyfriend (John), then got back with my girlfriend’s dad a couple of days later.”

When the mom found she was pregnant, she knew it was likely not her husband’s because of the timeline of the baby’s conception. Yet she chose not to tell anyone about it now that she was back with her husband: “She’s kept this secret for 30 years. She told my girlfriend to keep this secret. My girlfriend doesn’t know what to do now, and I’m just sitting here shaking my head at the audacity of her mom.”

Who Even Are You

A simple Christmas gift ended up changing up the whole family’s dynamic. The girlfriend was reassured that her parents were both really her parents, but her half-sister must have been a shock to her understanding of her identity and her perspective of her mother and family.

AINNEK_HA / Pexels
AINNEK_HA / Pexels

You never know what lies within your family history. There may be hidden secrets that could shake up your whole identity.

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