4 Perfect Coping Tips For Introverts In Uncomfortable Situations

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It can be hard to cope with social settings, especially complicated and awkward ones, when you’re an introvert. But part of life is getting over our hangups and being the best we can be. Here are some tips for coping with public situations.

1. Will yourself not to care.

One of the greatest weaknesses of the introvert is caring too much about what the world thinks of you. Cut loose a little bit! Forget about other people. Disregard the opinions of others. Will yourself not to care.

2. Speak your mind

Another big fear among introverts is saying the wrong thing. In the same vein as #1, say whatever’s on your mind, opinions of others be damned. Don’t worry about every little word. Just speak what your’e thinking.

3. See things in a new way.

Try to see the situation in a new perspective. It’s likely that no one is actually judging you, no one is laughing at you, and you should really just take a breather and relax. Open up a little bit. Enjoy yourself.

4. Learn from the situation.

If anything, learn something from the situation you find yourself in. If there’s a problem, think about ways to avoid it in the future. If there’s no problem, take this time to learn about yourself and how to interact with others in positive, productive ways.

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