4 Psychological Studies That Will Completely Change The Way A Person Sees Themselves

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Psychology is the scientific study of how people behave, think, and feel. It covers everything about the human experience from the basic workings of the human brain to consciousness, memory, reasoning, and language. Its studies and the experiments they conduct that have allowed us to understand why we think and act the way we do, how we develop personalities and how we feel. This is how we can correct behavior and prevent self-sabotage

Below are four studies in particular, that really put human behavior in perspective. What if the same rules no longer applied? These tests show how far humans could go.

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The Wooden Door Experiment

brown wooden door in yellow texas hourse

Sean Benesh / Unsplash

Sean Benesh / Unsplash

The wooden door experiment was an experiment conducted by researchers in which college students were targeted.

The researchers would ask for directions, and halfway through receiving directions from the students, workmen hauling a large wooden door passed between the two having the discussion, and then another researcher switched places with the individual who was asking for directions.

Around half of the participants didn’t notice that the person asking for directions had changed.

This is called “change blindness.” It demonstrates how we’re sometimes not aware of what’s happening right before us.

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