4 Ways To Free Yourself From Monotony Without Quitting Your Job

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At any given moment, we’re free to do just about anything we want. You can’t drive 100 mph on the freeway or take up heroin, but in terms of being free people, we can do pretty much whatever.

That means walking away from your job, your home, your marriage – you’re free to do it all. But I wouldn’t go to it first. There are a few things we can do for our restless spirits before we opt to just leave it all behind.

1. Wander, but know where home is.

Take a vacation week, maybe even a leave of absence if you can swing it, hop in the car and hit the road. Enjoy the feeling that nomads once had. Our nomadic ancestors would move on from their current place if the water dried up and the food was too scarce. We can cite the same reason for experiencing different places when monotony has dried the water up for us. Was that a clumsy metaphor? Yes. But you get what I”m saying.