4 Ways To Test The Strength Of Your Aura

Your spiritual vibration and aura are completely connected. Every living creature has auric energy that is impacted by your vibration. The state of your vibration can be tested in 4 simple ways.

1. Look around at your surroundings.

What kind of things are going on? Is it a nice day outside? Is anyone angry? Are new doors being opened for you today? Your vibration creates your reality. If you're seeing more problems than anything else, you likely have a low vibration. If things are looking good, your vibration is higher.

2. Watch for repeating number.

Have you seen 11:11 on the clock a lot lately? Is your new pin number descending numbers? Do you see 999 or 666 or 333 often? Noticing and being granted repeating numbers by the universe is a sign that you have a high vibration.

3. Keep track of your emotions.

Check in with yourself throughout the day. How are you feeling? Tired? Sad? Sick? Angry? Happy? Healthy? Full of love? Write down in a journal the way you feel at different points of the day and compare every day of the week. Positive thoughts mean a higher vibration and things are going well! Negative thoughts likely make for a lower vibration.

4. Keep track of your body.

Do you feel pretty strong or a little bit weak? Have you been sick or hurt a lot lately? Low vibrations may manifest physically as poor health. Feeling alright means you're vibration is pretty neutral. Feeling great indicates a high vibration.

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