4 Zodiacs Who Are Going To Meet Someone Special Before The End Of 2022

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The summer solstice has passed, we’re officially into fall and we also begin the process of getting used to those shorter days as winter nears closer. The less daylight we have, the more we tend to lose motivation to get out there and see what the world has to offer—including a potential suitor.

Luckily for 4 particular signs, their love story is just about to begin and these next few months are predicted to be wild ones. The stars are aligned for them to experience a time of passion, excitement, and butterflies as the sun shines the brightest of the year.

Here are the 4 zodiac signs who will fall in love during the year 2022 so count your lucky stars, because Cupid’s arrow is headed right in your direction!

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Love Is In The Air

Something about the summer season makes us feel rejuvenated and helps us be in the right head space to give and receive love. As we move into colder months, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and adventure also moves through passionate Aries. For all signs, this will trigger their gut instinct when it comes to choosing the right partner.

red heart-shaped balloons flying in the sky
Christopher Beloch / Unsplash
Christopher Beloch / Unsplash

Those already in relationships might either feel more in love with their partner or disconnected while those looking for love will be guided by a compass towards the person who best suits them. There has never been a better time to make a move on a crush with the support of Jupiter in Aries.

However, 4 signs, in particular, have an even more encouraging planet alignment. Do you want to learn a secret technique anyone can master that will make someone fall in love with you?

Aries: Infectious Energy

Aries get ready because the rest of the year you’re about to get under the spotlight. Don’t worry about having to put forward your best self because no matter how you feel, as Jupiter moves through your first house, it will naturally fill you with confidence. Your best self will radiate from you with little effort and attract the kind of partner who appreciates you for all that you are, the good and the bad.

woman jumps of joy with sprinkles around her
Clay Banks / Unsplash
Clay Banks / Unsplash

Your fiery energy might have been too much to handle for some in the past but it’s that same fire that will light up a spark for you this summer and bring you the kind of person who matches your energy.

Libra: Working Like A Magnet

As Jupiter spends the coming months moving through your seventh house of relationships, you’ll feel a wave of euphoria, unable to find the exact root of the sudden positivity.

couple kiss in field standing
Joanna Nix Walkup / Unsplash
Joanna Nix Walkup / Unsplash

However, that energy will help you vibrate on a higher frequency, and will work like a magnet, literarily gravitating people to you who are attracted to your energy. This is the optimal time for you to take back your power and manifest the kind of relationship you’ve always envisioned for yourself.

While Saturn continues to move through your romantic fifth house, you might have moments of doubt but don’t let that mess with your vibe!

Leo: Main Character Energy

Leo this is your year! You’re definitely not getting any younger but that also means that you’re now wiser and have more appreciation for the value of time. Consider love to be the universe’s birthday gift to you this year because as Jupiter moves into your adventurous ninth house, your true colors will shine bright.

woman smiling with sunglasses on with her hair blowing in the wind
Matthew Hamilton / Unsplash
Matthew Hamilton / Unsplash

You might just fall for someone you never expected as they’re not usually your type but somehow compliment you and balance out your drive. Thanks to Saturn stabilizing your seventh house of partnerships, you’ll realize that this is the kind of stable relationship you’ve always craved.

Sagittarius: In A Flirty Mood

This summer you felt fun and flirty and ready to see what’s out there for you. Your untamed care-free energy is pushed forward by Jupiter as it lays its roots the rest of the year throughout your fifth house of fun and pleasure.

woman flirts with man in alley
Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels
Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

As your fun side comes out, and you stop overthinking your life path, you’ll find yourself ready to embrace romance and in the mood to experiment with something new. You’re likely going to want to go on multiple dates, finally giving yourself the chance to figure out who best serves your needs because you know that you’re a catch!

What About The Rest Of Us?

To all other single zodiacs who weren’t favored by Jupiter and Saturn this year, fear not. Remember that you’re always the one in control.

woman with red hair and lipstick blowing kiss
Julien / Unsplash
Julien / Unsplash

It can be scary to put make yourself vulnerable enough to put yourself out there but unfortunately, the right person can’t suddenly magically break into your home and find you. You have to put yourself in the right space to receive love.

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NASA / Unsplash

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