44 Y.O. Confessed ‘Cougar’ Plans To Spend At Least $20K On Her ‘Sugar Baby’ This Christmas

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The cost of living is going up, with prices on food, homes, and necessities increasing on average more than 6.5% in 2022. It’s not surprising most of us are trying to be more careful with spending this holiday season, but one self-proclaimed ‘cougar’ doesn’t feel the pinch.

This 44-year-old ‘cougar’ has said she’ll spend at least $20,000 on her “sugar baby” this Christmas without a single worry. Here is a glimpse of their luxurious lifestyle and their love story.

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Love Match Made On Bumble

Julie is a widow who lives in the U.S. Being single in this day and age is hard because it’s harder to meet people who aren’t fixated on their phones, who don’t have commitment issues, or who simply fit our criteria. More and more people are turning to dating apps where they can swipe through thousands of potential mates till they find the one that checks off their checklist.

woman in red dress and boyfriend hug on the beach
Julie.withthebooty/ Jam Press
Julie.withthebooty/ Jam Press

As Julie was getting back into the dating scene, she was relearning what she wanted out of a relationship. She says: “When I eventually started dating again, I found that I had more in common with younger men and that men my age are typically dating younger women.”

That’s how Julie met her 29-year-old boyfriend, Zach. They matched on Bumble and started dating for a year. Julie has been lovingly spoiling him ever since.

Trip After Trip

The couple is living a lavish life of travel. In the same year they began dating, the couple took off to the Bahamas, then Costa Rica, while planning another trip to Brazil. Money isn’t an issue, so they want to take advantage of their fortune.

julia and boyfriend kiss on the beach
Julie.withthebooty/ Jam Press
Julie.withthebooty/ Jam Press

In total, Julie spent over $30,000 on trips with Zach, including getaways to Cabo, Florida, and Niagara Falls. Julie is using Christmas to spoil Zach even more than usual this year.

The Boyfriend Has An Extravagant Wishlist

Zach isn’t shy about asking for what he truly wants for Christmas this year. Julie explains: “he asked for a sports car or luxury SUV, new skim and surfboards, a new drone (he crashed ours in Exuma), and a watch.” She also plans to surprise him with a Range Rover on Christmas Day.

boyfriend smashes ice cream cone on Julie's face in the living room
Julie.withthebooty/ Jam Press
Julie.withthebooty/ Jam Press

To put it in perspective an SUV alone costs at least $50,000 but can go upwards to $300,000, which is more than most even earn in a year. The median U.S. income in 2021 was just under $70,000!

Julie’s Children Get Spoiled Too

Julie isn’t trying to be a parent figure to Zach, as she has two adult kids of her one, who are 18 and 21 years old. While the difference between her oldest and Zach is just 8 years, but Julie says that there is no jealousy between them as she will also be spoiling her children for Christmas too.

Julie smiles by christmas tree in pjs
Julie.withthebooty/ Jam Press
Julie.withthebooty/ Jam Press

Julie explains: “My kids are getting a race car and a horse and several thousand in cash. So they are very spoiled too.”

Donating To Charity Too

Julie does her best to ensure there is no resentment between Zach and her children, as she effectively spreads her wealth. On top of spoiling the people in her life, she likes to extend her wealth to those less fortunate. After all, she has enough to go around. Julie wants to instill this giving in her children as well.

julie and zach at waterfall smiling
Julie.withthebooty/ Jam Press
Julie.withthebooty/ Jam Press

Julie said: “Throughout the year, I donate quite a bit to charity and encourage them to do the same.”So as lavish as my spending sounds, I do also spread it to my community and others that need it.”

Zach Pays Her Back In Housechores

It’s unclear if Zach has a job of his own, but he repays Julie’s generosity by attending to household chores. She explained: “I do all the purchasing, and he does the majority of the domestic tasks such as cooking and cleaning and looking after the pool. “He made several delicious dishes and desserts for our Thanksgiving gathering a few weeks ago, that were a huge hit.” It’s 2022, after all, and gender roles are being redefined.

zach and julie hug on vacation smiling
Julie.withthebooty/ Jam Press
Julie.withthebooty/ Jam Press

Julie is using Tiktok to share their journey together. Naturally, she gets a lot of questions. One of the most popular questions she gets asked as a sugar mama is how she decidd what to buy Zach, to which she answers: ‘anything he wants.’ In return, he gives her, “anything I want.”

However, the couple insists that their relationship isn’t just some transaction. Julie explains that Zach is very sweet and nurturing: “He pampers me too. He brushes my hair every night before bed, and rubs me until I fall asleep.”

Making Tens Of Thousands Per Month

Understandably, everyone wants to know how Julie has all this money to spare. Julie works as a content creator on social media, a blooming industry where many have made a fortune in a short amount of time thanks to gaining quick fame on the apps. Julie can make between $28,900 and $38,400 a month sharing videos under hashtags such as #cougarville and #agegapcouple and has 93,000 followers on TikTok.

zach and julie at the gym take selfie
Julie.withthebooty/ Jam Press
Julie.withthebooty/ Jam Press

Despite the couple’s connection, however, Julie has no plans to re-marry or get more sugar babies.

Some Are Jealous

Many of her TikTok followers are envious of the life she and Zach lead, with some proposing their resumes and wondering where they could find a similar arrangement.

zach and julie kiss at the beach
Julie.withthebooty/ Jam Press
Julie.withthebooty/ Jam Press

One person commented: “Genuinely, is there anything I can do for you as a paid service because I am POOR poor.” Another wrote: “I feel cheated. Where were these cougars at when I was younger? Guys these days have it so easy.” Another person joked: “Tough seeing other people live your dreams.” Some of the users also use the comment section to ask questions to satisfy their curiosities about the arrangement, which Julie is happy to answer in vlog formats.

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