5 Ancient Spiritual Symbols And Their Mysterious Meanings

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There are many spiritual symbols that appear naturally or are man-made that have great spiritual meanings.

Do you know what they mean?

1. The lotus flower.

The lotus is important to many Eastern cultures and is a sign of enlightenment. In Hindu culture, it is the symbol of the third eye chakra. The center is seen as the sun and the petals as the moon, representing balance.

2. The Yin and Yang.

The Yin and Yang represent harmony and duality, the unification of feminine and masculine energy, as well as a reminder of the need for a balanced life full of meaning.

3. The tree of life.

The tree of life is represented in many cultures worldwide and is associated with birth, life, death, and rebirth as a full cycle. Christianity sees the tree of life as the tree of knowledge and the belief is found in many religions and cultures.

4. The eagle.

The eagle, a great soaring bird of prey, is known to represent eternal spirits from Native American cultures to Judeo-Christian religions. It’s thought of as the creator of all and ruler of the sky.

5. The snake.

It’s worshiped, reviled and feared. The snake is the most common spiritual symbol. In Christianity, it is the devil. In eastern cultures, it’s a symbol of life.

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