5 Easy But Unpopular Ways To Deal With Extremely Closed Minded People

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It’s usually safe to bet that people act a certain way for a reason. When they’re super close-minded, it’s often an act of self-defense. it’s like they’re trying to spare themselves the stress of handling the truth. In therapy, they call this resistance, it’s a form of projection where the close minded person becasically shoots the messenger for delivering them facts that scare them either because they don’t understand them or because they make them see what they don’t want to.

If you meet a really close minded person, don’t be offended. There’s no point spelling out to them that they can’t handle the truth as this will only make them more defensive. Instead reasess and try out these strategies instead, despite many arguing against them.

Stop Sharing Personal Information

woman with her eyes closed puts her hands up to her face

Ben White / Unsplash

Ben White / Unsplash

This may be the easiest technique on this list. Basically, the best way to avoid dealing with a narrow-minded person is not to engage in the first place. Don’t bother sharing personal information with someone who is just going to criticize it. Otherwise, you’re just providing them with ammo that’s going to trigger their judgment and resistance, and you’ll wear yourself out trying to prove your stance.

Instead, be the bigger person, and deflect their behavior by smiling, walking away, and shrugging it off. Don’t waste your energy.