5 Female Narcissistic Traits, Because Even “Cute” Women Can Be Destructive

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We tend to have a particular image of what a narcissist looks like when in reality it’s more common to come across covert narcissists. There are the ones who are so good at hiding their narcissistic traits, they might have even convinced themselves that they hold none.

Be careful of female narcissists that hide behind their cuteness and friendliness but are actually going to destroy you from the inside out, taking advantage of you along the way. Remember that narcissism comes in all kinds of forms, but if a woman has these traits, be wary.

They Rely On Their Man To “Save Them”

man climbc tree to reach woman by ocean

Tiraya Adam / Unsplash

Tiraya Adam / Unsplash

A narcissistic woman will usually pretend that she’s completely incapable of doing normal things on her own as to trick the men around her to do it for her. She makes others feel special, strong and needed because she makes herself seem like she’s in constant need to be protected, saved, and provided for.

When she doesn’t get what she wants, she’ll often create emergencies to trap the person into doing it anyway. She’ll exaggerate ad lie just to control and guilt others by pressuring them to do things they either don’t have means for or simply said no to.

They’ll Withold Attention And Affection

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Natalie Runnerstrom / Unsplash

Natalie Runnerstrom / Unsplash

This is one of the major differences between male and female narcissists. When a male narcissist is angry, they tend to be aggressive and even explosive to make the woman feel inferior and cave.

When a woman narcissistic is angry she’ll likely play the victim instead, as a way to punish her partner. She’ll withhold attention and affection as to use neglect or guilt as power. All she’s doing is trying to take control over the dynamic.

They Don’t Hold Respectful Boundaries

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Becca Tapert / Unsplash

Becca Tapert / Unsplash

Female narcissists tend to need others to boost their egos. They need as many admirers as possible no matter what form they come in. This is why she’ll never actually stop talking to her ex because she likes the attention or she’ll be fake nice to people you know that she can’t stand.

She fails to set boundaries not only between herself and others but with you too. She’ll make absurd demands and feel entitled to them or she’ll crowd your personal space as a way to control it.

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Jealousy Masked As A Sense Of Competitivness

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Elisa Ph / Unsplash

Elisa Ph / Unsplash

A narcissistic woman may come off as motivated and competitive when really she just can’t stand not being the center of attention. She comes from a place of low esteem and needs the constant validation of others to boost her ego.

She can’t handle criticism and gets jealous and even the smallest things. She may come off as loyal or protective when really she’s just afraid of losing everything if she doesn’t get her way.

They Find 5 Things Wrong In Others And None In Themselves

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Atih Bana / Unsplash

Atih Bana / Unsplash

​Narcissists in general don’t take responsibility for their actions and it’s no different for the female version. They will come with absurd reasons why even the mistakes they make are ultimately a consequence of your action. If they cheat, they’ll say it’s because you neglected them.

They are so good at playing the victim and setting guilt trips that you will always find yourself having to be the bigger person and apologizing just to end the problem even if you had every reason to be upset in the first place.

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