5 Insanely Epic Inventions Of 2015

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1. These cool suspended tents.

These suspended tents are the luxurious new thing in camping. You can strap them up high in the canopy or a little bit closer to the ground. They offer incredible views too.

2. The 3D Printer.

This technology has been coming along for a long time and has recently hit its stride. 3D printers have become more and more popular over the last few years because it brings creative power back to the people. You can use a 3D printer to make anything from clothes to guns to art.

3. The self-flying drone.

That’s right. There’s now a drone that flies itself and follows you around. The Lily drone has sensors that knows where you are and takes photos and films of you. For the ultimate selfie-taker.

4. The 3D doodle pen.

This 3D pen lets you bring your artistic ideas to life. You can create pretty much anything with it. It’s really state of the art when it comes to 3D printing. We could even someday create clothing out of a pen. It’s really something else, isn’t it?

5. The translucent canoe.

Talk about getting the most out of your canoeing experience. These canoes and kayaks are totally see through, allowing you to see aquatic life below you. Check it out:


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