5 Signs Someone You Know Is Depressed And How You Can Help

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Depression is one of the most troubling of illnesses. It can impact nearly anyone at any time. Many people who are depressed don’t fully realize it, and many people in their lives may have no idea. About 20 million people in America will be depressed every year and 25% of young people under the age of 24 will experience it at some time or another. It’s certainly not a rare condition.

What are the signs that someone is depressed, and what can you do to help?

1. They are less interested in things they used to like.

You have a friend who loves hiking, surfing, swimming, and hitting the bar on the weekends who suddenly doesn’t want to do any of it anymore. Seems unusual, right? Instead of forgetting about them and doing all those things anyway, realize that they might be depressed. If you think this is a result of depression, gently talk about where they’ve been and what they’ve been up to.