5 Tips For Increasing Your Energetic Vibrational Frequency

Throughout the day, our energy fields change with how we consciously feel. Having a positive vibrational energy will attract to you others similar to you.

The same goes for a negative vibration. So it's important to take the time to make sure we're putting out some uplifting vibes.

1. Breathe Deep.

Deep breathing allows your body's cells to get the oxygen they need. It calms our nervous system and shifts our energy.

2. Slow down.

Stop and smell the roses. Our days may seem like unending work work work but find the time to enjoy life a bit.

3. Process your feelings consciously.

Bad things happen. Good things happen. Things make you feel weird sometimes. Don't push your feelings away, but fully embrace them. Feel them. In doing so, you'll properly process them and and open divine doorways for yourself.

4. Repeat uplifting mantras.

Mantras help keep your mind focused on the positive, so find a positive mantra to repeat, either in your head or out loud. Those positive thoughts will permeate your vibrational frequence.

5. Be compassionate.

By being compassionate, we uplift not just our energy but the energy of others. With enough auric shifts, we can shift the entire planet with us.

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