5 Tricky Math Riddles To Train Your Brain And Expand Your Mind

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Maybe doing math for fun doesn’t sound like the most appealing activity, but you’d be surprised at how beneficial it could be for you.

Doing Math frequently has the power to enhance your analytical and problem-solving skills, create a foundation for systemic thinking, improve the skills required to arrive at logical conclusions, expand the mind to handle uncertainty, and become comfortable with change and the unfamiliarity, it eases the mind and increases confidence and teaches the brain to learn through trial and error which embraces makig mistakes and learning from them…the list is endless. So do your self a favor and test your brain to see how many of these tricky tests you can get right!

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How Many Handshakes?

The correct answer is 21 handshakes.

In this riddle, the one who is trying to solve it needs to be able to read between the lines. It is given in simple words that hold the answer. Most people would think there were 42 handshakes but this would be wrong.

Here’s the right way to go about it: The first person shakes the hand of 6 others, the second person shakes the hand of 5 remaining people, the third person shakes the hand of 4 remaining people, the fourth person shakes the hand of 3 remaining people, the 5th person shakes the hand of 2 remaining people, and the sixth person shakes the hand of 1 remaining person. 6+5+4+3+2+1=21