5 Ways To Eliminate Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts can be a trap. They can derail our goals, make it harder to be happy, and have no place in a sound, joyful person's mind. But how do we get out of these negative thought traps?

1. Simply question your negative thoughts.

Really take a hard look at your negative thoughts. Examine them. Understand what they are, where they come from, and what kind of impact they have on you.

2. Talk to yourself about it.

Some of the best resolutions I've come to have been while talking out loud, be it to myself or others. Words can take on a different meaning and you can change your mind once your thoughts have become actual words.

Say out loud what's on your mind. Wonder aloud. You can work on these issues by yourself by talking to yourself.

3. Forget trying to impress others.

This is one of the biggest causes of stress in my life. The idea that we're required to impress each other is a primary cause for negative thoughts. Sure, we all want to belong, but at the end of the day, you just have to do you. Forget your haters.

4. Think big!

We set ourselves small goals that sometimes cause us to underestimate ourselves. Set big goals! Have big ideas! Do epic shit! Push yourself to levels you never considered before. When you think big, there's no more room in your mind for negative thoughts.

5. Understand that you are always developing.

And besides, I haven't seen anyone walk on water in a long time.

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