5-Year-Old Boy Dies In His Mother’s Arms, And His Last Words Are An Important Life Lesson For All

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No matter how hard we try, we can never be fully prepared to lose a loved one. For most people, death and the afterlife are the scariest part of human nature. And what comes with death is the loss of someone we care for deeply.

That loss can be exponential when it is the loss of a child. Children are a parents greatest treasure. The youthfulness, pureness, and innocence of children bring joy to the lives around them. This tragic story about a mother who loses her child too early is a tear-jerking reminder to live each day like it’s our last.

Meet Charlie Proctor

Charlie Proctor was a superhero that was taken from this earth too soon. At only five years old, this tiny boy fought for his life to beat his cancer diagnosis.

A small boy in a spiderman costume at the hospital.
Charlie’s Chapter / Facebook
Charlie’s Chapter / Facebook

The child was fighting liver cancer when he was further diagnosed with a rare tumour known as Hepatoblastoma. Even while living in terminally-ill conditions, Charlie remained as hopeful as a young boy could. The positive energy this child was able to radiate even in such unfavourable circumstances proves him to be an angel sent from above.