6 Perfect Comebacks For Dealing With Rude People

Dealing with rude people can be extremely difficult. They often surprise you. You aren't expecting them to be rude and BAM. Questions like: “When did you gain so much weight?” Rude. When someone is rude, what are the perfect comebacks.

1. I didn't see it that way.

Rude comments usually reveal a person's weak perception of themselves. When someone says something tactless, don't take it personally. Just tell them you appreciate their perspective.

2. Thanks.

"Thank you" is the perfect defense against rudeness. It shows that you didn't let their words affect you negatively and that you're too mature to get mad over rudeness.

3. Our conversation is over.

If you're too mad to respond civilly, just walk away. You wouldn't want to damage a relationship or put more negativity into the universe just because someone was rude.

4. That wasn't necessary.

This is a great one for disarming a rude person in a public setting, especially if they wanted you to become irate with them. It gives them a chance to redeem themselves and apologize too.

5. You're right.

What smart mouth thing could you possibly say to this? The admission that the rude person is right is pretty much the best way to silence them. It may not satisfy you, but it'll end the conversation peacefully.

6. Why are you so negative?

When the moment calls for it, go on the offensive. Draw the focus off of you and onto them. Make them explain their rudeness.

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